Craft Bits — Dita Von Teese Does Vintage, iPad Bakes, Art vs. Craft

Posted by on Oct 14, 2011

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From a craft cafe that betters the community to a debate on what's art and what's craft, there's plenty to discuss in this week's Craft Bits. But first, something pretty: Dita Von Teese. The queen of all things old-timey is coming out with her own line of vintage-inspired clothing. The good news? It has a wide range of sizes. The bad news? It's only available in Australia. Looks like we'll have to make some friends there...
To read more about the Dita Von Teese vintage-inspired clothing collection, visit Marie Claire

craft bits news item about dorie greenspan app
Bake Like a Pro

Dorie Greenspan, who we consider one of the best baking experts out there, has come out with her own app for iPad. Though there are already tons of baking-focused apps, we're excited for hers because of her well-tested recipes and approachable style. Plus, uh, everything looks delicious!
To find out more about the Baking With Dorie app, visit PC Mag.
craft bits news item about craft rules in Portland
The Art vs. Craft Debate Goes On... Portland, Maine. Apparently new rules are restricting the kind of vendors that can sell near City Hall. Handmade is completely okay, as long as it's art. But where does craft stop and art start? And if it's both, like many of the vendors at the Lincoln Center Crafts Festival (a fair that always gets it right, shown here), is that okay? So many questions and so few answers. What's your take?
Read more about the handmade rules at the Portland Daily Sun.
craft bits news item about craft cafe
Tom Finnie
Craft Cafe Improves a Community

We normally hear about trendy-cute craft cafes that cater to a younger clientele, but this new cafe stands out. Why? Because it was made specifically for connecting an often-isolated elderly community in Glasgow. Residents meet to engage in creative hobbies and chat. The response has been great, which makes us think that there should be more crafty nonprofits connecting elderly residents in our communities. 
Read more about the craft cafe project in The Guardian.
craft bits news item about the Summit of Awesome
Are You Going to the Summit of Awesome?

If you're near Baltimore October 20-22, check out Hello Craft's annual Summit of Awesome. You'll be treated to (fun) seminars about the biz side of crafting along with fun crafty events (like a Crafty Throwdown). We'll see you there.
Find out more about The Summit of Awesome at Hello Craft.

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