Craft Bits — Home-Roasted Coffee Beans, Candy Sushi, Jewelry Frame

Posted by on Feb 14, 2011

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This week we’re checking out Cake’s limited-edition handmade lyric book, finding out how one decoupage artist bills 750k a year, making our own Mario Paint Composer and then visiting the colorful home of Rosita Missoni.

handmade Cake lyric book
Someone Will Love It

To support their new album Showroom of Compassion, the guys from Cake donated the clothing off their backs to create the paper used in a run of limited-edition lyric books. There’s also jute coffee sacks and beeswax all up in there, too. Interesting. We’re really digging the artwork by super-talented Rigel Stuhmiller.
Read more about the handmade Cake lyric book from Wired.
artist Annie Modica turned her craft into a business
Robert Wright for the New York Times
Why Is This Woman Smiling?

Because she took her passion for decoupage and turned it into a successful business! In a nutshell: 15 years ago, Annie Modica started decoupaging trays as a way to get through a divorce. Initially investing only $5k of her own money, she slowly grew her business and now counts Saks Fifth Avenue as one of her clients. Also, her son is a professional paintball player. This family really knows how to follow their bliss to the bank!
Find out more about how artist Annie Modica turned her craft into a business.
how to roast your own coffee beans
Kristopher Skinner/Mercury News
Only If You Have the Time

I’m under the impression that people in Berkeley, California, have an extra six more hours in their days than the rest of us. To wit: They’re now home-roasting their own carefully-sought coffee beans. With popcorn poppers. It’s pretty impressive and if you have the wherewithall to undertake this on non-Berkeley time, I salute you.
Find out how to roast your own coffee beans from Sweet Maria's
how to make your own candy sushi
Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET
Loved by 5-Year-Olds Everywhere

DIY CANDY SUSHI. On teeny tiny plates. That’s all I have to say.* (*Apparently this is made with a kit, but you can definitely make it yourself with Swedish Fish, Fruit-Roll Ups and some coconut.)
Find out how to make DIY candy sushi from Crave!
recycled insulin pump caps to create jewelry
CASEY RIFFE/Billings Gazette
Who Says Teens Are Lazy These Days? 

Loved the story of 19-year-old Micah Marie Lynch, who crafts jewelry from insulin pump caps (she started with her own) and sells the finished product to benefit diabetes research.
Check out how she recycled insulin pump caps to create jewelry from the Billings Gazette.
zine lending library
Andrea Abi-Karam/
The Dream of the '90s Is Still Alive 

In Boston — err, just out of Boston— there’s a super ‘zine lending-library in Somerville, Massachusetts that has a collection of 14,000 zines. Cool idea, but Papercuts is having a bit of a budget crisis and needs a little help. Your change is welcome.
Read more about the Papercuts zine lending library and DIY event space.
DIY wedding
Alexandre Pichon/
DIY Wedding with a Penguin

Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but you’d think that a wedding that ended up costing £12,000 would involve a real penguin. Unless I’m underestimating the cost of a penguin these days. But, this real-life bride really did put together an event that fit her personal taste and style, so props to her.
Check out how one bride went the DIY route for her wedding from The Guardian.
screenshot of mario paint
Remember Mario Paint?

It’s a very distinct memory, one that smells of basements and overheating game consoles. For those of you who do remember, there’s a bunch of (um, nonofficial) online tools to make your own version of the Composer game.
Find out where to get the game creation tools for DIY Mario Paint Composer and more from GamePro.
Rosita Missoni’s home
No “Decorator’s White” Here 

Design icon Rosita Missoni (founder of her eponymous label 50 years ago) has never shied away from color or pattern — and we hope she never will. Her Milan apartment is filled with uplifting hues and Hans Wegner chairs. Worth noting: She put the doormen of Edinburgh’s Hotel Missoni in zigzag Missoni kilts.
Read more about Rosita Missoni’s home.
frame jewelry holder
Frame Your Jewelry

This DIY vertical jewelry holder, crafted from an old frame, deftly keeps your necklaces from bunching into a horrible tangle. Inspired by one at Pottery Barn, this project obviously costs a fraction-of-a-fraction of the cost.
Check out how to turn a thrifted frame into a jewelry holder from DIY Life.

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