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Posted by on Dec 23, 2011

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This week's top story is ... Christmas. After what seems like a few short weeks (and a year that flew by), the big holiday is here and, well, we're about 95% prepared. But let's distract ourselves from the stress with Craft Bits.

Our favorite is this debate on whether or not to get dressed up for Christmas. We're not talking "dressed up" as in "holiday sweater," but full-on vintage regalia. We say it depends on the occasion. What do you think?
Join in on the vintage vs. comfy Christmas clothes debate over at The Guardian.

craft bits news story on retro christmas celebrations
Livingston County News
A Very Retro Christmas

This adorable Georgia couple has fully embraced "retro" this Christmas. From their aluminum tree to the wife's lovely apron, the details are all there. We also liked this story because it proves that fun vintage celebrations aren't limited to trendy twentysomethings in cities. 
To see more about this retro Christmas, visit the Livingston County News.
craft bits, telegraph recipes for edible gifts
Gourmet Gifts

In The Telegraph, a chef gives his favorite edible gift recipes. We're totally intrigued by the candied clementines, though we'd happily take the truffles.
For the complete recipes for edible gifts, visit The Telegraph. And for vegan options, visit Vegan Baking.

Craft bits, last minute Christmas decor tips
Last-Minute Decor

If you haven't already done an over-the-top display for the holidays, there is no reason to stress yourself out trying to put one together now. Instead, go for these small (but noticeable) decorative tricks. Our go-to tip: Putting pretty ornaments in a bowl. Instant centerpiece.
To see more last-minute Christmas decorating tips, visit The Seattle Times.
Craft bits, interview with Indie Beauty Biz and indie business tips
In Not-Holiday News...

There's a new organization devoted to those who make their own beauty products. Called the Indie Beauty Network, it's for the promotion of, well, indie beauty products. Forbes interviews the head of the Network for her tips on making the most out of your biz.
For the full interview and tips from the Indie Beauty Network, visit Forbes.

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