Crafters Recreate Classic Star Trek's 'Trouble with Tribbles'

Posted by on Jun 14, 2013

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Love Star Trek crafts? A live theater production company reenacts favorite episodes of the classic TV show “Star Trek” in local Portland, Oregon parks throughout August. The free outdoor performances have drawn upwards of 1,000 visitors.

Called Trek in the Park, the company’s latest and last production recovers one of the more infamous struggles — “The Trouble with Tribbles.” Captain James T. Kirk and his crew must fight their way free from a cavalcade of furry Tribbles. But rather than make the hundreds of small props needed for a realistic reenactment, Trek in the Park has put a call out to crafty Trekkies to donate handmade Tribbles using a free sewing pattern via their site.
To learn more about this unique Star Trek Craft or to even donate your own Tribble, head to Atomic Arts.

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