Crafting on the Cheap with Blogger Camilla Fabbri

Posted by on Mar 06, 2012

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Crafts don't come cheap, and even the cheap stuff can cost too much. But Family Chic blogger Camilla Fabbri has turned thrift crafting into a fine art. Even better, her family-friendly crafts offer a trendy alternative to overly gimmicky, plastic-drenched crafts for kids. Camilla shares how to save on crafts but not scrimp on style.

You focus on cheap or even free crafts on your blog. What’s the allure?

Craft supplies can be expensive. I get turned off from projects when I see a long and expensive supply list in a tutorial; what’s the point in making something if it costs more to make it than it would to buy it readymade? I also love the creative challenge of making something from nothing. The surprise factor is a big deal to me — I love to shock my readers by repurposing everyday items that are usually taken for granted. I also try to be as green as possible and recycle as often as I can.

How do you save on craft costs? 

I reuse, repurpose and recycle as often as possible. I try to buy only what I need for the project I am currently working on and keep my supplies organized so I don’t absent-mindedly purchase something I already own. 
What craft supplies or materials are always on hand? 

 I can’t imagine being without the following:  

- A glue gun
- Hole punches and die cuts in various shapes and sizes 
- Basic sewing and embroidery supplies 
- Rubber stamps and inkpads 
- Yarn and twine 
- An X-Acto knife 
- Scissors, markers, crayons and colored pencils 
- Construction paper and cardstock 
- Muslin 

What mistakes do crafters make when trying to save on crafts?  

I find buying craft supplies in bulk or buying too far in advance of a holiday to be a move that can backfire on a crafter. I have splurged and purchased supplies that I thought were a value and stored them away only to discover them years later — never used and wasting space in my craft supply area because I forgot I had them. I find it is best to buy only what you need, when you need it — regardless of the bargains that may be tempting you to do otherwise. 
Is necessity your main source of inspiration or something else?

I believe my daughters inspire me. I like to make things that will get their attention and make them think and react. I want my kids to appreciate beauty in the everyday things. I think it is exciting to express independent thoughts and ideas when it comes to decorating a home. I hope my projects reflect my gratitude for the life I lead and the happy times I spend with my family.

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