Crafting with Cat Hair — Handspinners for Hire (VIDEO)

Posted by on Aug 01, 2012

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We all know that cats love to play with a ball of yarn. But who knew that felines could also contribute so much to the state of fiber craft? Crafting with cat hair is one way to turn a problem into an opportunity, taking that excess cat hair that collects around the house and spinning it into useable yarn. If you don't have the skills to spin your own cat hair yarn, there are crafters out there who will offer to do it for you. Russet Lodge KnitsSpinnit and Spinning Straw into Gold are just a few of the fiber artists that offer to handspin your pet hair into useable yarn, which you can use to knit or crochet. In order to take advantage of their services, simply collect your cat or dog hair from brushings or clippings, store in a bag and send to your handspinner for hire.
For more info on crafting with cat hair, see our Q&A with expert Kaori Tsutaya, author of a book on the topic.

Spin2Weave shares how to paint pet hair yarn with food coloring. The two skeins of yarn are first soaked in vinegar water for 20 minutes, then they are spread out on the table to be dyed.

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