Crazy Scary Halloween Treats to Spook Your Delight

Posted by on Oct 25, 2018

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Are your ready for the most spooktacular time of year? Halloween's right around the corner, so prepare for all of the parties and trick-or-treaters with these creepy but delicious treats. From savory to sweet, appetizer to dessert, we've got a monster menu right here. No trick to it! Happy Halloween and Happy cooking!

Pina Ghoulada
Hostess with the Mostess
For the 21 and over crowd, add a little Halloween into your Friday night drinking regime. This pina ghoulada features a classic pina colada recipe with speared fruit eyeballs and two options for the blood-rimmed glass. Drink up!

Witch Finger Cookies

Cast a spell over your Halloween guest and charm their taste buds with bloody witch fingers. Using melted chocolate and almonds, these cookies point a deadly finger to spooktacular fun.

Puking Pumpkin
Halloween calls not only for the scary but for the disturbing as well. Create the shock factor with an unusual guacamole-puking pumpkin that will disgust at first and then delight your ghostly guests.

Rapid Rat Treats
Home Ever After
Spiders are not the only creepy about these Twinkie rats? With beady red eyes and coconut fur, people will either be repulsed or impressed by their life-like look.

Meat Hand
Not Martha
We have to give a hand to those who take on this meat hand recipe with three variations. Onion nails, cheesy skin, and ketchup blood, oh my!

Bloodshot Eyeball Cookies
Do horror movies and scary attractions leave your eyes bulging this time of year? Channel this feeling into delicious bloodshot popping-eye cookies for your next scare fest.

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