The Cutest Crocheted Coffee Cozies Ever!

Posted by on Oct 13, 2014

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Imagine this peaceful scene: Clutching your favorite mug while the crisp autumn air bites at your fingertips, you sip a warm pumpkin-spiced something to start off your day right. Sounds pretty great, doesn't it? Well, not so much when that hot mug burns your palms. Enter your new best friend, the crocheted coffee cozy. With zombies, buttons, R2D2 and more, this roundup of 12 crochet cozy patterns is sure to get your DIY inspiration flowing.

Octopus crochet craft, Crochet coffee cozy

Crocheted Octopus Cozies
These octopus cozies are the perfect crochet project for the quirky coffee or tea-lover. Plus, with that expression, we're pretty sure they're emulating the face we make on Monday mornings.

Wavy Crochet Coffee Cozy
Wavy Coffee Cozy
This simple yet sophisticated coffee cozy can go anywhere with you and will let everyone know that yes, you are about your coffee enough to dress it up! This wavy cozy pattern requires the beginner crochet skills of sc, hdc, dc, and tc. Find the free pattern at Lil'K Designs shop on Craftsy. 
Crochet Hug Mug Cozy
Hugged Mug Cozy
Have a very expensive coffee table or a mug that you love so much that you feel it needs protection? Fear not! This mug cozy pattern is designed to hug your mug so that the bottom is covered and it won't slip off! Your table will be safe and your coffee will be warm. Get this free crochet pattern by Micah Makes. 
Crochet owl, Owl coffee cozy, DIY tea cozy

Owl Cozy
Those new to crocheting can make this beginner pattern for a cute owl cozy. This blogger chose to use turquoise yarn, but if you want the cozy to be more identifiable as an owl, use some brown yarn!

Pumpkin crochet cozy, DIY coffee cozy, Apple coffee cozy

Crocheted Pumpkin Cozy
Depending on the color you use, this crocheted cozy can feature a pumpkin or an apple … and either way it's fall-friendly.

Star Wars crafts, DIY R2D2, Crochet R2D2, Crochet coffee cozy, R2D2 cozy, DIY tea cozy

R2D2 Mug Cozy
How can we not love this Star Wars-inspired cozy tutorial? Is has all the makings of the best type of crochet projects: utility, technical challenge and nerdiness.

Jack O Lantern crochet, Frankenstein crochet cozy, Halloween coffee cozies, DIY coffee cozy, Crochet tea cozy

DIY Halloween cozy
Get into the Halloween spirit with these free patterns for crocheted Jack o'Lantern, spider and Frankenstein cozies. Best of all, these are made to specifically fit a Starbucks grande cup.

Tea bag crochet cozy, DIY crochet coffee cozy, Tea cozy

Crocheted Cup-of-Tea Cozy
The eternal struggle: coffee or tea? This clever DIY cozy solves that problem by letting you have the visual of tea, while enjoying the taste of coffee. As an added bonus, this pattern includes a non-slip backing so your cozy will stay in place. Genius.

Zombie crafts, Zombie coffee cozy, Crochet zombie cozy, DIY coffee cozy

Crocheted Zombie Cozy
Crochet these creepy zombie cozies for those mornings when you feel zombie-esque before that first cup of coffee. It'll remind people to wait until after 10 a.m. to bother you with that expense report.

Cotton Yarns from


DIY coffee cozy, DIY tea cozy, crochet coffee cozy

DIY Hug Mug
It would be selfish to deprive your favorite mug of a cozy sweater like this one. This blogger hasn't skimped on any of the details, either; It comes replete with buttons, trim and mittens.

Fox crochet cozy, DIY coffee cozy, Crochet fox crafts, Crochet tea cozy

Crocheted Fox Cozy
While the pattern for this DIY fox cozy is made for a Mason jar, it can be easily adapted to fit a mug or standard to-go up. If you aren't sold on this pattern yet, did we mention it has a tail?

Button coffee cozy, DIY coffee cozy, Crochet coffee cozy, Crochet tea cozy

The 15-Minute Cozy
It's a big claim, but this blogger has designed her adorable crochet cozies to be made in 15 minutes. Yes, you read that right. That makes this project perfect for short commutes to work on public transit, for waiting on a table at a moderately crowded restaurant, or the collective TV commercial breaks in your favorite hour-long show.


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