Unbelievably Adorable Crocheted Lambs and Sheep

Posted by on Apr 30, 2015

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Are your crochet hooks gathering dust? Are you stuck hunting for your next crochet project? Well, suffer no longer. One of these 8 projects for cute and cuddly crocheted sheep and lambs could be your next masterpiece, so get crafting!

Crochet Lamb Egg, Free Crochet Pattern, DIY Crochet Sheep
Lisa Gutierrez
Crochet Lamb Egg
Can you imagine how much more fun Easter egg hunts would be if all eggs were crocheted lamb eggs? We'd shamelessly race to find one of these — and no, we're not "way too old for it," Mom.

Amigurumi Lamb, Crochet Lamb Pattern, DIY Amigurumi Sheep, Free Amigurumi Pattern
Amigurumi Sleepy Sheeps
We can imagine few stuffed animals more precious than one of these crocheted sleeping baby sheep. Even looking at the dozing trio makes us ready for a snooze. Pro tip: if you're out of fuzzy yarn when crocheting these, use your crochet hook to muss the fibers. 

DIY Baby Bib, Crochet Baby Bib, Crochet Sheep Bib, Free Crochet Sheep Pattern
Sandy Powers
Crocheted Sheep Applique Baby Bib
The playful coloring and texture of a handmade bib like this crocheted sheep baby bib is sure to make your little one light up with joy. We bet you can't wait for him to spit up on it.

DIY Baby Mobile, Crochet Lambs, Crochet Baby Mobile, DIY Lamb Mobile
Crocheted Lamb Baby Mobile
Three adorable crocheted lambs, a few felted clouds, a wooden embroidery hoop and a mini picket fence combine to become a unique DIY baby mobile. Though a thoughtful gift for new and soon-to-be parents, this is no one-hour project. While you may not need nine month's advance notice, be sure to plan somewhat ahead. The creator warns in her tutorial that the lambs took longer to assemble than she anticipated.

Crochet Lamb Doll, Lucy Lamb, DIY Crochet Doll, Free Crochet Lamb Pattern
Crochet Lucy Lamb Doll
CraftFoxes, meet Lucy Lamb: a character dreamed up by crocheter Beth at meo-my-crochet. Beth's inspiration came from the necessity to use up excess and spare yarn before stocking up for the next big project — and that's a feeling to which most of us yarn hoarders can relate! #NoShame.

DIY Crochet Hat, Crochet Lamb Hat, Free Crochet Hat Pattern, Winter Hat
Crocheted Lamb Winter Hat
We fully recognize that winter has only recently released her frigid grip, at least for us East Coast folk ... but does that mean we can't start dreaming up our next winter crochet project? Because we'd like to add this cozy crocheted lamb over the ear hat to the docket. Please and thank you.

Crocheted Sheep, DIY Mini Sheep, Free Ravelry Pattern
Brenna Eaves
Crocheted Mini Sheep
Bold, cartoonish felt eyes make this crocheted mini sheep stand out from the herd — in the best way possible.

Crochet Sheep Plushie, DIY Sheep Toy, Free Crochet Lamb Pattern, Crochet Lamb
Kristi Tullus
Crocheted Toy Sheep
Crochet a soft little toy sheep for a little loved one in your life! A note for beginner crocheters: to make this plushie, you'll first need to know (or learn!) how to crochet in spiral and rounds.

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