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Posted by on Feb 09, 2016

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The cronut - a croissant, donut hybrid - is fast gaining popularity across the country.  Don't worry about spending hours in line in the hope of buying one from chef and inventor Dominique Ansel, or negotiating for them on the black market.  If you have a large amount of free time and an adventurous spirit, try out Ansel's original recipe; it requires three days.  For the rest of us, these easy-to-make cronut recipes will have you have putting your own rings of delicious, flaky, pastry together in no time!

Please note that cronuts must be fried to achieve the desired texture.  As always, please exercise care when dealing with hot oil.  A candy thermometer is a helpful tool to help keep the oil at the perfect frying temperature.


Homemade dough cronut recipe
Try this delicious homemade cronut dough for an impressive pastry that won't take all day to put together.  The descriptive videos make this recipe easy to follow along with, and will help the less familiar through some of more difficult aspects of cultivating, rolling, and folding a yeast dough.

homemade cronut free recipe
Colette Christian
A good cronut does not have to be made with fresh, homemade dough, but it can add that extra-wow factor.  With a tutorial to make fresh croissant dough, these cream filled cronuts are sure to be a crowd pleaser.  This recipe includes instructions for making your own delicious vanilla pastry cream, icing with ganache, and pink frosting.

Crescent dough cronut recipe
Emma Chapman
For an easier-to-cook cronut, use store-bought dough.  This recipe pits puff pastry against crescent dough, so finding the perfect pastry should be a snap.  Simply cut the dough in to a donut shape, fry, and drizzle with a sugar glaze.  Delicious and easy!

Cronut with maple glaze free recipe
Making your own puff pastry isn't as difficult as it sounds.  Follow these simple instructions and make these impressive cronuts from scratch.  Drizzle with a maple-sugar glaze, and leave your friends and family hungry for more.

Easy cronut recipe
Brandi Milloy
For incredibly easy cronuts use pre-made dough and store-bought filling.  Experiment with different flavored puddings, fruit jellies, or flavored butters.  Drizzle with a glaze of your choice, and you're ready to serve.

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