Alter Your Sneakers and Step Out in Style

Posted by on Oct 15, 2014

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Thinking about revamping those comfy sneaks or tennies? Here are some cute and cool ways to serge new life into your favorite kicks. From lace to glitter and canvas shoes to faux oxfords, we've got your DIY-desired shoe alterations for you.

pantone chip sneakers
Nothing screams color and cool like Pantone ink chips. Learn how to use inkjet-printable film to transfer fun images on to your favorite tennis shoes.

Lace Tennis Shoes
Dream a Little Bigger
From old doilies to pretty footwear, repurposed lace can serve your wardrobe well. Don't let old curtains or tablecloths go to waste, and choose a fun colored shoe to pop underneath crisp white lace.

Fabric Covered Shoes
Pump up those basic kicks with spare material and style inspiration. Personalize these fabric-covered shoes with a pattern that speaks to your wardrobe and fashion aesthetic.

Polka dot shoes
This polka-dot effect is an always classic trend. Translate it over to your shoes using fabric paint and a polka-dot stencil.

Shoes with Fabric Insert
An easy and changeable sneaker refashion happens with fabric applique. Whether stitched onto the tongue or back of the shoes, this alteration is a subtle but fun DIY.

Faux Oxfords
Mom Spark
For a classic look with inspiration from menswear, try faux-painted oxfords. Oxfords are wardrobe staples and can be achieved in a DIY minute.

Glitter Shoes
Footwear should be eye-catching, so capture the essence of fun with glittered and dip-dyed sneakers. Wear them with any outfit to add the right amount of punch and personality.

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