Get Your Wardrobe Organized with DIY Closet Makeovers

Posted by on Nov 03, 2017

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While you're reading this, is your disheveled closet clogging up your view? Get rid of those eyesores with DIY closet organizing ideas. Then put your closet-organizing skills to the test with the makeovers below. Here's to easy access and functional flair!

closet Shoe Shelves
Are you a shoe fan with an uncontrollably messy collection in your closet? Well, here's a fix just for you. Try this DIY shoe rack made from wall shelf installments. Now you can put your best foot forward by displaying your collection with pride and styling it according to shoe color or type.

Belt hooks Organizer
With step-by-step instructions, this belt organizer is easy to assemble and completely useful in any closet or space. This tutorial also explains how to make a slide-out scarf hanger. Your accessories fetish will be thanking you once you hang all of your beautiful pieces in their new home.

Organized Closet
Of course a great way to organize your closet is to install shelves to layer items on, so you can maximize the width, length and depth of the space. But don't stop with just shelves. Add baskets and bins for other odds and ends, and label your containers so you know what is where, like these chalkboard bins. Soon you'll feel at peace with your newly organized, clean, and accessible closet.

diy Closet Organizer
Design Build Love
For less than $50, you can make a closet organizer all your own to fit your closet and organizing needs. Add additional hanger rods and pull-out drawers for all of your things. Simply adjust the tutorial's measurements to your own closets, and organize as you go. Now's the time to take charge of your closet chaos and organize the way you want.

closet organizing tips
Do not be ashamed of all you have or put in your closet. Instead, find a way to contain everything in a orderly manner. Take a cue from this DIY closet makeover, and use baskets to stow hats, sweaters and purses away. Also, hang necklaces and jewelry from wall pegs for grab-and-go ease and to avoid a tangled chain-and-bead web.

 custom closet rods
Have a lot of things to hang, but only have so much space to do it? Naturally, more hanger rods can resolve this problem, but get creative with the placement of the rods and the size and length of them. Try segmenting the rods into neat spaces and proportions to allow for floor storage as well. It makes a rod-ical difference.

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  • by marksindone
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    The real key to having a neat and tidy closet is to reduce the amount of clothes you have in there. If you've clothes storage is bursting at its seams, there's no amount of redecorating and organizing that will help things to look better in there. I would firmly recommend doing a Marie Kondo thing and folding everything or really just sitting down to throw things out!