DIY Daffodils and Daisies to Cheer Up Your Home

Posted by on Apr 10, 2015

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Fresh, scented flowers are a spring necessity. Around the house or in the garden, flowers should be blooming everywhere. Whether you are looking for low maintenance flowers or flowers to last you a year or a lifetime, these daffodils and daisies come in the paper, metal, and chocolate variety. Spring into the season with lovely DIY flowers that are enjoyable, and even edible.

Chocolate Daffodil on a Cake
Scrumptious, sweet, and perfect to eat are these yellow chocolate daffodils. They are almost too pretty to eat but simultaneously look irresistible. Mold yellow candy melts with parchment paper and aluminum foil for cute little daffodils to top any cake.

Paper Daffodil Bouquet
For a beautiful daffodil arrangement, paper is the way to go. Along with a bouquet and a vase how-to, this tutorial is a triple treat. Add wire stems to the flowers and situate them in a lace-doily-patterned vase, and you've got yourself a fresh, rustic flower arrangement to last the entire year.

Tin Daisies
For a cool and colorful take on DIY flowers, these tin daisies are large and lovely. Using disposable cookie sheets and wire coils, these flowers require creativity and patience but reap the benefits of craft genius. Your guests, your family, and you will appreciate these beauties for years to come wherever you go.

Wire Daisy
Simplistic and modern, a wire daisy looks super chic anywhere to anyone. While you may form any flower out of the wire, the daisy shape is especially lovely and intricate with its crisscrossing petals and three-dimensional qualities. These flower are fun to craft at any age and lovely to behold at any time.

Egg Carton Daffodils
Don't let those old egg cartons go to waste. Instead, use them for nature-inspired crafts, like these egg carton daffodils. These flowers are durable throughout the years and will not loose their shape. Now, grab the scissors, pipe cleaners, and floral tape, and get to crafting.

Gerbera Daisy Paper Flower Bouquet
For realistic-looking daisies, these paper gerbera ones are out of this world. The tutorial features step-by-step pictures and written instructions to help you along the way. With a layered texture, these flowers would look magnificent in any hue. Give them as a gift or keep them for yourself.

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