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Posted by on Jul 24, 2012

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DIY home decoration offers many the chance to personalize their home with unique colors, shapes or designs never found at big-box stores, and who better than TV personality and "The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2" author Mark Montano to add flirty, feisty and just-plain-fun style to your home decoration dreams?

Any advice for crafters afraid that their DIY home decoration won't look anything like the crafts in your book? 

I say, "Who cares!" Jump off the crafty cliff and be excited about where you might land. I will (until my last breath) encourage people to take my projects and make them their own. My spin on things isn't the last word in how something should look, so I say, "Go for it." Make it your own. 

Which trends are you seeing in DIY home decor right now?  

That's tough. I guess the biggest trend is toward handmade objects decorating our homes, which is so different from years past. Specific trends? There are so many right now from Bohemian to Mid Century taking a role with everyone. 

But I have to tell you, I ignore trends because by the time they trend, designers are usually moving on. When I design a home with someone, we start with who they are and what they respond to, and that's different for everyone. If you start from there, you're good. If you follow a trend, then when that trend is over, you're going to want a change. Tr-END! 

Any trends you don't care for?

Mid Century. I find it uncomfortable. Beautiful, yes. Sadly it doesn't invite me to come in and sit down. I like decor that's inviting and makes you want to settle in.

home decoration pillows from Mark Montano
What mistakes do crafters often make with DIY home decor? Any ways to overcome?
Too matchy matchy! Go with a basic color scheme but toss in some exclamation points, for goodness sake! Add a modern piece in a Shabby Chic room or a Shabby piece in a modern room. Mix it up, people! Add dashes of complimentary colors and take a risk. Remember that you can always repaint it with a can of Krylon spray paint. 

Of the DIY home decor you've made, which ones do you love best? 

You're asking me to choose between my children. This is truly "Sophie's Choice" right now. Hmm ... I'd have to say my Seashell Encrusted Busts are some of my favorite objects as are my Pyramid Side Tables, which are so heavy that I can never get rid of them. When I sell my house, they are going to have to stay here. 
Favorite sources of DIY home decor inspiration? 
Hands down, The World of Interiors magazine. When it arrives every month I ignore everyone around me until I've devoured every page!
cover of Big-Ass Book of Crafts
Mark Montano is the author of "The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2," published by Gallery Books. Images courtesy of Mark and his site, Mark Montano.
Mark Montano
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