DIY Tribute to March Madness

Posted by on Mar 04, 2011

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Andrea McGary/Sugar Envy


Sugar cookies are a crowd-pleaser, especially when they get an absolutely stunning (and spirited) makeover a la Sugar Envy’s Andrea McGary. The key to the even, velvety icing texture? Using a “flooding” technique. Basically, you draw an outline of icing and fill it (this is the flood part) with runny royal icing. The hardest part is waiting the 24 hours for the cookies to dry completely.
Learn more about decorating sugar cookies using the royal icing flooding technique from Cake Journal.

basketball march  madness cake pops
Team Spirit Cake Pops

Round cake truffles are a natural choice to decorate like basketballs. But don’t limit yourself to that simple shape — get creative by adding a few pops in your favorite team’s colors. Anything is prettier than basketball orange — amiright!?
Get the classic recipe for cake truffles from Bakerella.
march  madness fondant cake
March Madness Fondant Cake

If a home baker can crank out a cake this impressive, they need to go into the cake biz stat. But for us fondant newbies, try the adorable basketballs holding up the candles in this March Madness cake. You can craft it out of the sweet stuff, or try polymer clay.
Learn the secret to covering cakes with fondant from Wilton.
diy basketball court table
Home Court Advantage

With a little bit of tape, a plain wood table becomes a mini basketball court. While it's perfectly fine for serving snacks, why not channel your inner undergrad and use it for a nice little game of beer pong? We won’t tell.
Learn how to turn a table into a mini basketball court from A Big Story.
march madness basketball apron
A Tougher Apron

Just when you thought you saw every creative approach to apron-making comes this edgy model made from a basketball. The masterful touch: Using a quartered ball to form a shelf, bust-like feature.
textured basketball march madness cupcakes
Textured Basketball Cupcakes

Cupcakes already have a round top, taking some of the work out of crafting these basketball cupcakes. You could use fondant if you have it handy (or typical icing will do) but to make the finished treats really special, add a bumpy basketball texture. (Either press the fondant onto a orange or pipe the icing into dots using a #1 tip.)
basketball march  madness truffles
Basketball Truffles

For a different approach to party snacks, bust out the truffles. Flatten the ball slightly (they’ll be easier to decorate than a perfect round), dip into orange-tinted candy coating, then pipe on chocolate lines.
t-shirt march madness necklace
Team Colors Scarf Necklace

We absolutely love crafting with jersey — the stretchy fabric can go far beyond skirts and dresses. This scarf-necklace hybrid made from ropes of jersey material proves our point stylishly. The colors fashionably show your team pride without putting you in a — shudder — team jersey.
Get the scarf necklace from Ann Dora Craft, or learn how to make your own version from Retro Chick.
crochet march madness dog hat
For the Four-Legged Fan

Your doggie might not like to wear hats, but sometimes the design is just too cute to pass up. Like, for instance, this adorable crochet dog hat from Posh Pooch Designs made to look like a basketball. Or as we like to call it, an instant life-enhancer.
basketball march madness invites
Sophisticated Party Invites

Sure, a printed invitation always feels a bit formal, but a postcard is way less stuffy. (And unlike email invites, won’t get caught in any spam filter.) What we like about this design isn’t just the clean look, but also the entry for “BYO” that lets you write in what you want guests to bring.
Get the basketball invitation postcards from Girl in Gear Studio.

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