Crazy Cool Custom Gifts for a Basketball Fan

Posted by on Jan 22, 2023

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There are basketball fans and then there are people who spend every sleeping and waking moment with a head full of hoop dreams. If you have a person in your life who dunks their laundry in the hamper or turns every piece of balled up trash into a three point play, you probably want to get him or her something that speaks to that passion. 

Here are gifts that aren’t for casual basketball fans, but for fanatics. These crazy cool basketball items are over the top (and through the net) in the best way. You may think they only belong in a teenager’s room, but there are plenty of adults out there who are still teenagers at heart. 

Customized Basketball Hoop
Know someone who has the space in their heart and home for a customized basketball hoop? After installing backboard from Hoop Dream Studio (see picture above), they’ll be the envy of every b-ball fan on the block. Some of these backboards you can play on, most are made to be the center of your basketball shrine. The disco-licious Infinity Mirror Hoop and the magisterial Purple Velvet Hoop would have been perfect on Prince’s hardcourt. There are several other styling options, including Black Velvet and Pink Leather.

basketball planter
‘Negril’ Basketball Planter
Have a friend who loves both basketball and plants? There’s only one logical gift: a basketball planter. The “Negril” is a carved up size three ball with room for a plant and dirt, plus an acrylic display stand to make everything look fancy-pants. Why is this planter named “Negril”? According to the crafters who make them, Negril is a town in Jamaica that was a hangout for pirates in the 1700s. Does that clarify things? (Okay, not really.) 

Engraved Basketball
You can buy a lot of different types of personalized basketballs. The Engraved Basketball looks a little more “official” than most. If you want to commemorate a particularly exciting game, this could be a good way to go. Know someone having a basketball themed wedding? (They’re probably more common than you realize.) Engraved basketballs could be a nice gift for the groomsmen or bridesmaids. You can choose fonts and colors.
Basketball Shelf
If you or someone who know has an amazing piece of basketball memorabilia to display, a basketball shelf is a great platform for it. The shelf, made out of a basketball, is accented with an LED that can be adjusted by remote control. Does anyone need a basketball shelf? Probably not. But it’s a pretty cool conversation piece. 

Flip Flops
Know a fan who loves to lounge around and watch the game in his or her bathrobe? Bring that love of the rim to their feet with these basketball slides. Made with a canvas top and a memory foam bottom, these flip-flops are washable. You’re also able to print the recipient’s name and team number on them.

Metal Basketball Sign with Flames
If you don’t own a bar or a mancave, you probably shouldn’t have a metal basketball sign with your name and flames on it. However, if you know someone who does, this will be the gift that keeps on giving. Their dedication to the game will be absolutely apparent to anyone who rolls by.
Photo Basketball
Did you know you can cover a basketball with photos? Is it a little cheesy? Yeah, so what. With the right pictures it can also be very cool. You can celebrate your team with a group of photos or your friend who play pick-up ball, or, really, just out anything, including your b-ball themed bar mitzvah. (These are definitely more common than you realize.) 

Basketball Bath Bomb
Plenty of players drop bombs from downtown, but not enough follow them up by dropping bath bombs. Now, they can with these unforgettable scented beauty accessories. 

Basketball Cufflinks
Even if you dress up you don’t need to leave your love for b-ball on the court. These cufflinks are made with balls played in pro games. You can even choose the team you want the ball skin to come from. Apparently they even include a certificate of authenticity. Is there anywhere basketballs can’t go? Didn’t think so.

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