Stylish Gifts for the Crafty Man in Your Life

Posted by on May 09, 2022

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Getting a gift to a DIY kinda stylish guy can go at least a few different ways. 1) Give him something that’s handmade, even personalized, that speaks to his taste. 2) Buy him a kit that will inspire him to make something you think he’ll like. 3) Get him tools to have him make whatever he wants. 

The gift ideas below speak to all of these options (and hopefully a couple more). These can work for birthdays, Father’s Day, anniversaries — or if you just want to make your DIY guy smile.

Personalized Dopp Kit
Do you know one of those dudes who thinks a convenience store to-go bag is “just fine” for holding his toiletries? Give him an upgrade with a monogrammed leather Dopp kit from CKR. Several buyers describe the quality as “amazing.” In case you’ve ever wondered, the term “Dopp kit” gets its name from the inventor, German leather craftsman Charles Doppelt, who reportedly marketed the accessory as “the toilet bag.”

stylish pocket knife unique gift
Pocket Knife
Most knives are only thought about when they’re needed to open a box or filet a fish. The right blade can be a style statement. A knife made by Deejo can come in a finish like mirror, titanium grey and black titanium with an image on it such as viking dragon or “van life.” The handles are made out materials like juniper wood and blue beech wood. Sure, an X-acto knife might get your box open, but these edges will get people talking.

Dry Rub Mixes
There are plenty of guys who talk a big barbecue game, but don’t always have the chops (or seasonings) to live up to those claims. For them, the “Rubs of the States” offers a culinary tour of America’s great spice hubs, including Lexington, Santa Maria, Kansas City and more. Guaranteed to be a tailgate conversation starter. 

BBQ Grill Tools
For the grillmaster paduan who wants to be a fire-wielding jedi, there is the personalized gift set from Engrave My Memories. The 11 piece travel kit includes four skewers, spatula, heat glove, fork and more. Plus, it all fits into a maple box that you can have engraved with one of 12 designs and the recipient’s name. If you want completely custom artwork, that’s an extra 25 bites. 

Magnetic Wristband
Anyone who’s ever worked with nuts and bolts and screws — whether on a car, furniture, or something else — knows that pieces get lost, even ones you just had in your hand. The Magnetic Magnetic Wristband makes things a little easier by giving you a place to put all of those little metal doodads, so you spend more time working and less time scrounging around.

Whiskey Making Kit
There are bigshots who drive Porsches and spend thousands of dollars on 30 year old single malt scotch. Hopefully, you’re not on the hook to get one of them a gift. Let’s face it, whatever you give will probably be met with a shrug. But if you know someone who appreciates the nuances of whiskey and wants to try all of them, DoYourGin has a DIY kit (see the first image in the article) that allows you to flavor alcohol to create American Bourbon, Scotch Single Malt and Irish Blend. Several bottles of botanicals and numerous recipes are included to create your own distinct flavor tones, including orange peel, bird’s eye chili and dark chocolate. All you need now is high back leather chair.
Unique gift men
Man Spa Kit
Some men love to pampered. They may not want to admit it, but you can tell by the amount of under-eye concealer they use. The Voss Botanicals Man Spa Gift Box includes exfoliating scrub with forest scent, muscle salve with menthol, and hydrating face oil. If you want to splurge for a little extra, you can also include a black sea salt body bar and/or beer body bar. He’ll be as fresh a recently scrubbed log cabin. 

Framed Record
For that guy who can’t stop quoting Kendrick Lamar or Springsteen or Weezer, there’s the Vinyl Record Print Design, which captures names and lyrics in the shape of a vinyl record. It’s a nice way to commemorate your special song, commemorate a concert or celebrate a special artist.
unique gift all in one tool kit
All-in-One Tool Kit
If you know someone who talks about wanting to build more things if he only had the right tools, this Hart 6 Machine Combo Kit could set them on the right path. It comes with a circular saw, hammer drill, impact drill, sander, sawzall, and numerous batteries and chargers all in one bag. As a starter set, it’s great, plus it only costs around $200.

Of course, if none of these ideas work, you can always go with crafting supplies.

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