Adorably Easy Flower Pot Projects

Posted by on Apr 27, 2015

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Looking for a little crafty outdoor pizazz? Well, start with those flower pots you have sitting around. Old terracotta and clay pots can look so boring and weathered, so if you're searching for a flower pot makeover, look no further. Let your flower pots be as colorful and crazy as the flowers growing inside of them. Arrange the pots into a fountain, wreath or chandelier. Flowers will be blooming and your pots would thank you, if they could, for their new look.

Lace-Adorned Flower Pots
Give your pots a little lacy love and bring out their feminine side and yours. This simple DIY is the perfect project for an inexpensive and quick pot makeover. Or, vamp up a potted plant gift with this bit of crafty magic. Just a little lace and glue, and your pots will be looking lovely and new.

Planter Pot Chandelier
Throw a truly divine garden party complete with a planter pot chandelier. With a few adjustments to a regular chandelier, transform this thrift-store find into pretty pot perfection. This chandelier is made to withstand the great outdoors ... that is not so great at times. Attach the pots to the chandelier, plant a few succulents, and you have yourself a lovely addition to your outdoor d├ęcor.
Crackled Flower Pot
Give your pots a vintage feel with this crackled pot tutorial. Using scrapbook papers and different types of finishes, you can make a brand new pot look like it has seen many wonderful, memory-filled days. You'll make new memories with this fun and simple craft that gives off timeless aesthetic appeal.
Gold Leaf Flower Pots
Brit + Co.
For a classic look that is beautiful year round, DIY these gold-leaf pots. The makeover is minimal, but the gold accent sure does make a big statement. These pots will accent any plant season to season and complement anyone's style. Your terracotta pots will never look the same.

Pyramid Pot Water Fountain
Martha Stewart
Achieve the ultimate form of serenity with a flower-pot water fountain. With a stacked look and classic design, this fountain will carry you from your backyard or porch to a faraway waterfall or ocean. Place among your plants for a natural vibe, or use it as a garden centerpiece. This fountain is forever enchanting and pot-tastic.

Clay Pot Wreath
Plant life at your door, literally, with an eclectic flower pot wreath. Paint the pots different colors or different patterns to match your style or your home's. With some wire and a bunch of pots, you can hang a little garden on your front door. Plant a few low-maintenance plants, and your lovely little blossoms will greet your guests before you answer the door.

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