Easy Origami for Beginners

Posted by on Feb 22, 2014

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Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, and millions of people enjoy crafting unique and interesting shapes out of paper using this skill. It can be difficult to approach origami as a beginner because the grand projects often require more skill than beginners possess. But there are some simple and easy origami diagrams out there online that allow you to start your journey into paper folding, while also creating some rather grand decorations and other crafts.

Colored paper fanned out on a table.
Square Origami Paper

To begin with, you’ll need some perfectly square paper to make origami crafts. You could, of course, buy special origami paper. But if you have some regular 8 ½ x 11 paper in your printer, you can make your own. This tip also helps when you’re working from printable origami diagrams. 
For directions on this origami diagram, visit About.com.
Two origami cups hanging side-by-side on a wall.
Origami Paper Cup Wall Storage

One of the first projects that beginner origami artists learn is the origami cup. Then they quickly learn that it’s not really suitable for drinking from. To put a crafty, organizational spin on it, try this hanging origami cup wall storage solution. It’s an easy origami pattern to start you off and will add a unique wall accent to your home. 
For the easy origami instructions, see About.com.
A pink origami heart with an orange button in the center.
Origami Heart

Even if it's not Valentine’s Day, you can always tell someone you love them. A simple and homemade way to convey that message is through a charming paper heart. This easy origami project can be embellished and personalized to your heart’s desire (pun intended) and given to someone you care about. 
For complete instructions to make origami hearts, visit About.com.
A yellow origami star against a blue background.
Origami Star

For holiday decoration or simple, everyday decoration, check out these easy origami stars. These neat, five-pointed stars can be hung up at Fourth of July celebrations, birthdays, or any other holiday you need to decorate for. For this origami diagram, you will need some glue (or glitter glue to add some shiny detailing) to create the finished product.
For easy origami folding directions, visit About.com.
Origami ornaments with ribbons attached against a green background.
Origami Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is coming up soon enough. If you’re looking for a way to decorate your tree on a budget, why not try these easy origami ornaments? All you need is origami paper and some glitter glue to add a bit of holiday luster. These festive, star-shaped ornaments will be a unique and thrifty touch to any Christmas tree. 
For detailed instructions on this origami diagram, visit About.com.
Origami flower with pink and grey petals and a button embellishment in the middle.
Origami Kusudama Flower

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding and, to get closer to those Japanese roots, try out this Kusudama Flower origami project. For this origami diagram, you’ll need more than one sheet of origami paper because each sheet will be formed into a petal of the flower. Though much of this origami project will be held together with the folds you make, a glue stick might help affix the petals together. 
For full easy origami directions, visit About.com.
A paper wreath with purple and green coloring.
Origami Wreath

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your front door, but would like to deviate from the usual flowers or leaves, check out this easy origami wreath. Several pieces of paper will be needed to create the different links in the wreath. The best thing about this origami diagram is that it’s infinitely customizable. You can interchange colors, patterns and other embellishments for whatever occasion is coming up. 
For easy origami instructions, visit About.com.
A small basket made out of a dollar bill.
Origami Tooth Fairy Basket

When they lose their first tooth, every child eagerly awaits the arrival of the Tooth Fairy. Why not leave them a fun and easy origami treat rather than a simple dollar bill? This money basket will be an exciting thing to find when they wake up in the morning. 
For instructions, watch this helpful origami YouTube video.

Credits: PaperCrafty.com (top), Dana Hinders (photos 1-7), and FilthWizardry.com (bottom)

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