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Posted by on Mar 07, 2013

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Origami is often seen as a very complicated form of crafting. There’s a lot to learn and there are often many steps to follow to obtain your final product. But if you find some easy origami designs, this art of paper folding can be a great way to get kids into crafting! If you think about it, origami seems to have been designed with kids in mind. With a little imagination and a few folds, you can make something new from a regular sheet of paper. These six easy origami projects are great for kids, and perhaps some adults, interested in origami for beginners.

An origami dog
Origami Talking Dog

Not only is this origami project fun to fold, it’s also fun to play with once you’re done! There are only six steps to get this talking dog and when you’ve finished, simply hold it by the ears and squeeze gently to make him “talk.” This is a great way to get kids’ imaginations running wild. What’s the dog’s name? What might he have to say? Maybe he needs a whole puppet show of his own! 
For step-by-step instructions on this easy origami for kids, visit Origami Fun!
An origami tulip with a red flower and green stem
Origami Tulip

As we all know, spring is on its way! It may be arriving more slowly for some of us, but it’s definitely around the corner. To bring a bit of spring cheer into your home, check out this origami tulip. It would be a great gift for Mother’s Day or simply a fun crafting project. As the instructions state, the flower is quite simple to fold, but the stem is a bit more difficult and you may have to assist the kids.
For step-by-step instructions on this easy origami for kids, visit Activity Village.
An origami frog made from green paper
Origami Frog

Here’s another fun animal friend your kids can make. And, just like the talking dog, this is an origami project that can be a cute toy when you’ve finished folding. Fold this little guy correctly and you’ll be able to push on its back end and make it jump! This project page has easy-to-understand pictures to guide you through the folding process. 
For step-by-step instructions for this easy origami for kids, visit Nice Hobbies.
Origami ice cream cone with yellow paper for the cone and white for the ice cream
Origami Ice Cream Cone

This next origami project looks quite tasty, but unfortunately you can’t eat it. This origami ice cream cone is two-toned, and you only need one piece of yellow paper as long as the backside is white. Or, you could color the backside of the paper to create a different flavor of ice cream. This is a really simple crafting project and it looks adorable once you’re finished. 
For step-by-step instructions for this easy origami for kids, visit Zakka Life.
Origami giraffe made from speckled paper
Origami Giraffe

Here’s one more animal friend that can be made from paper. If you want your giraffe to look accurate, this project requires some spotted paper. But who says crafting is about obeying the rules? If your child wants a blue giraffe, just go with it! The instruction page for this project includes information on the valley fold and mountain fold, which you’ll need to create your giraffe.
For step-by-step instructions for this easy origami for kids, visit Origami Make.
Bookmarks that look like monsters and can slide onto the corner of a page
Origami Bookmarks

This final origami project for kids is great for the bookworm in your family. These bookmarks will make it look as though your pages are being eaten by monsters! Tell your kids not to worry, because it's just a fun origami project. These origami bookmarks provide a great, unique way to keep your place in whatever book you’re reading right now, so they’d be great for kids getting into chapter books. You’ll need one corner of an envelope and some neatly patterned paper to form your book monster. 
For step-by-step instructions for this easy origami for kids, visit Tally’s Treasury

Credits: Origami Fun, Activity Village, Nice Hobbies, Zakka Life, Origami Make, Tally's Treasury.

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