Easy Projects to Sew for Kids

Posted by on May 02, 2013

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There are so many fantastic sewing crafts out there, and a lot of them would make great gifts for kids. Of course, there are the traditional baby blankets that you might make for a sister or friend who’s expecting a child. But there are so many more fun things you can sew once that child has been born. In this post, we have six fun sewing projects that you can make for the kids in your life. There are some awesome clothing patterns, as well as some adorable stuffed animals that are sure to be appreciated. We hope these give you some inspiration!

Young girl in a pink and yellow patterned shift dress
Two-Hour Dresses

As we all know, kids grow at a crazy pace. It can be hard to keep up with their growth spurts in terms of buying clothes for them. A good solution for this can be to make clothes for your kids! These sewing patterns boast dresses that can be made in two hours or less. They offer several dress patterns for all different ages, and they all look very nice. The original post includes an a-line dress, a shift dress, and many more. Check these out if your daughter or niece needs some fashionable, homemade dresses for the warmer weather!
For more information on these projects to sew for kids, visit Go To Sew.
A miniature camp-style tent with a stuffed dog inside
Mini Tent Pattern

Every child, at some point in their lives, has a stuffed animal that they take absolutely everywhere with them. This adorable mini tent will give them a chance to bring their favorite stuffed animal outside as well! You’ll need some fabric with a cute pattern, some ribbon, poles for the frame of the tent, and other sewing supplies. The original post for this sewing project for kids presents easy to follow steps with photos all along the way. And the finished product just looks so cute!
For more information on this project to sew for kids, visit Sew, Mama, Sew!
Striped pants on a small boy
Baby Pants

Baby clothes are more and more expensive these days, and why pay so much money when they’re just going to grow out of those clothes soon. These baby pants are adorable and they are purported to be the “easiest” baby pants to sew. The pants are made from upcycled t-shirts or polo shirts that you can find at any thrift store. As long as you find a soft t-shirt, these pants will be soft and cozy for your child to wear. And the drawstring makes them easy to remove for diaper changes! 
For more information on this project to sew for kids, visit Me Sew Crazy.
A sewn, stuffed bunny on a pillow
Free Bunny Patterns

Getting back to stuffed animals, here are some adorable patterns for stuffed bunnies! You could even sew one of these bunnies to go in the mini-tent mentioned above. Here are eighteen free patterns for eighteen very different kinds of bunnies. There are happy bunnies, bunnies with button eyes, bunnies that look like marshmallow Peeps, and so many more! These are so adorable and you can get very creative with the fabric that you use. You can use patterned fabric to make your bunnies to make them a bit more interesting. 
For more information on this project to sew for kids, visit Patchwork Posse.
A ruffled, layered dress made from strips of old t-shirts
Upcycled T-Shirt Dress

We all have T-shirts lying around that we simply don’t wear anymore. A great way to upcycle these T-shirts is to make a dress out of them for your daughter or niece. The top of the dress is made by cutting off the top part of a shirt. Then you simply add strips of other shirts to that first piece to create a cute, layered, ruffled look until you’ve reached the desired length. Sew them all together and you’ve got a creative, upcycled T-shirt dress!
For more information on this project to sew for kids, visit I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.
Little bean bag birds made of fabric and felt in a silver bucket
Bean Bag Birds

Here is a final, fun stuffed animal sewing craft for kids. These little bean bag birds kind of remind me of Angry Birds. So if your child is fond of picking up the iPad and playing that addictive game, this might be the perfect sewing craft to make for them. These look pretty easy to make and you can use any kind of material, such as an old sweater, some socks that have lost their mates, or even old towels. Be sure to use lots of different colors so your birds look bright and unique! 
For more information on this project to sew for kids, visit Captain Crafty.

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