Welcome the Winter Season with These Simple Crafts

Posted by on Dec 19, 2015

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Crafting doesn’t need to be complicated. Sometimes you’re snowed in and just want to try some simple craft projects that don’t require too much work. If you’ve been searching for some easy winter crafts, then look no further! Here are six simple winter crafts that are easy to make but will also make great decorative pieces for your home.

Snowmen on paint sticks
Crafts by Amanda
Paint Stick Snowmen

This may seem like a good craft to do with kids, but I’ll let you in on a secret: you can do kids’ crafts, too! For a relaxing winter evening, try making these paint stick snowmen. Simply paint some paint sticks white, and then add embellishments to make your snowman stylish! For complete instructions, visit Crafts by Amanda.

Wrapped Christmas trees
Wrapped Christmas Tree

These wrapped Christmas trees are an adorable and elegant decoration to add to your home, but they’re also a really simple craft. All you need is some yarn (some thick yarn and some fuzzy yarn) and foam cones. Once you’re finished, you can accessorize these trees however you’d like! For complete instructions, visit Pretty Ditty.

Snowmen tea light ornaments
Red Ted Art
Tea Light Ornament

To make this adorable, light-up snowman ornament, you’ll need some electric tea lights, ribbons, and a few other crafting supplies. The light will form the face of your snowman, and its light-up element will be his nose! For the complete instructions, visit Red Ted Art.

Ornaments made out of paper clay
Clay Ornaments

These ornaments are made from paper clay, which you can make on your own. You can also buy paper clay, of course, and it’s very easy to use. You don’t even need to fire the clay! You can sculpt your own ornament designs or use cookie cutters. For full instructions, visit Creative Kismet.

Snowman candle holder
Snowman Candle Holder

Here’s another craft that involves snowmen and candles. All you’ll need is a small fishbowl or other type of glass bowl, frosted glass spray paint, and a few other things. These would be great table decorations for the holiday season and are sure to make any room cozy! For full instructions, visit Crafts for All Seasons.

Birch branch Christmas tree
Crafts by Amanda
Coastal Branch Tree

This minimalist tree is so pretty, and you can easily make one on your own. You’ll need some branches, which you can probably find in your yard, and some white spray paint to make them a bit prettier. Then you just need to join them together with twine in the shape of a tree! For the full instructions, visit Crafts by Amanda.

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