Hauntingly Elegant DIY Décor for Halloween

Posted by on Oct 15, 2018

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Halloween is a spooky and eerily glorious time of the year when we can dress up as something we are not, eat massive amounts of candy if we choose, and decorate our homes to look as creepy and ghoulish as possible. If you're looking for Halloween decorations that not only honor the holiday but still look exquisite, then these elegant decorating ideas are perfect for you. Now settle in with a cup of apple cider and prepare to be dazzled by some DIY flair for Halloween.

Halloween Canvas Art

What can you make when you put embroidery hoops and drop cloth together? You can make some gorgeous Halloween fabric art from The Graphics Fairy. By carefully printing either a skull, bat, or owl onto cloth, linen, or muslin, you'll have a spooky print to add to the hoop and to mount to a wall or flat surface. This art looks effortless and creepy, as Halloween decorations should.

Lace Ghost Decorations
A Beautiful Mess

Ghosts are essential to your annual Halloween experience, but for a twist on the classic ghost decoration, make these lace ghosts from A Beautiful Mess. Marry ghoulish forms and lacey cloth together for Halloween elegance at its finest. Even the little black sewing-pin eyes add even more charm to these ghostly figures.

Mini-Pumpkin Wreath
Marian Parsons

Wreaths are popular come fall time, and Halloween is no exception to this trend. For a simple but superb wreath, try out this mini-pumpkin wreath from Marian Parsons featured on hgtv.com. Made with dried putka pods, these little pods resemble pumpkins in the best miniature way possible. Glue them to a foam wreath form, and your new wreath is ready to hung on any wall or door of your choosing.

Wall of Bats

Another lovely but time- and cost-effective DIY decoration is this wall of bats from Oleander + Palm. This project is as simple as cutting the little bats out of the downloadable-and-printable template and placing them on a designated wall. Your creativity can really shine with how and where you place the bats, so don't be afraid to play with unleveled surfaces.

Gold Skull in Curio Box

Create a cool, antiquated decoration with this DIY gold skull from Hank & Hunt. This project is both quick and easy but proves so worth your time and effort. This little spray-painted skull looks glaringly glamorous in metallic gold, and the curio box adds another decorative dimension to this irresistible Halloween piece.

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