Exclusive Video: Felting Knits with Chronicle Books

Posted by on Nov 26, 2012

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Heart Felt Knits, Chronicle Books
In part two of the Get Crafty with Chronicle video series, a CraftFoxes exclusive, we're excited to share this video how-to courtesy of the folks at Chronicle Books!

Learn how to felt knits with this video and check out the free project, Felted Nesting Bowls, to help you get started. The free pattern comes from the book, "Heartfelt Knits" by Tamara Mello. We're excited to see what you create!

Did you miss last week's video? Learn how to sew a ruffle to a vintage apron.

Meet the Host
In this fun new video series, the people who are normally behind the scenes at Chronicle take their turn in front of the camera, as the hosts of a crafty how-to video! In this installment, Stephen P. Houghton, Director of Ecommerce for Chronicle Books, shows viewers how to felt knits. We've asked him a few questions about his crafty background and what he thought about being in front of the camera.

Stephen, how did you get started knitting? I resisted learning how to knit for the first year of knowing my friend Betsy McCall. She finally taught me how to knit at a synchronized swimming meet under the Florida sun in 2004. Something just clicked and I haven't stopped since. Sadly, I am no longer a synchronized swimmer.

Were you excited to host a video and be part of Get Crafty with Chronicle? It's an honor just to be nominated ... just kidding. I enjoyed surprising colleagues with my secret identity of a passionate knitter and designer. I'm always up for sharing what I love about wool and getting people to make things with their hands.

Were more inspired to "get crafty" after seeing the book/project? Uh, yeah! I want to make one of Kate's aprons. Actually, I do want to get behind a sewing machine. Kate and I sit back-to-back at the office; I should ask her for some tips. The pursuit of getting more crafty is never-ending. I spend my day online pushing pixels and selling books. It's important to remain part of the tactile and handmade world.

Buy 'Heart Felt Knits' by Tamara Mello

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