Get Inspired by Jonathan Adler's Combination of DIY Style and Chic Design

Posted by on Jan 18, 2016

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While Jonathan Adler is an internationally recognized design brand, the DIY community will always have a love for his style. Why? He started out as a potter in the early '90s, teaching ceramic classes in Hell's Kitchen in return for free studio space. While he now designs furniture, lighting and even cell phones — his latest release is the The Moto X Pure Edition Designed by Jonathan Adler — pottery and ceramics remain at the heart of his creative process.

Take a trip inside Adler's "Fantasy Factory" on the third episode of his web series "Inspiration Point" and you'll see how he conceives of his pieces, playing Willy Wonka to a team of "Chic-a-loompahs." Even with a brass jewelry holder, the design begins in clay. One wonders if he sculpted a version of the Moto X Pure Edition cell phone in clay and fired it in a kiln as part of the design process.

For Jonathan Adler, many designs start in clay.

jonathan adler phones.
While Adler has a lot more design suggestions, you can see why his carefree attitude is embraced by plenty of makers and crafters, and inspires DIY projects. Consider this makeup brush upcycle by the blog Our Fifth House. With a little paint and a printable, blogger Carmel turned a handful of blah makeup brushes into something a lot more fun, and definitely inspired by Adler.

What kind of passionate and carefree designs have you made?

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