Halloween Food — 10 Creepy Cute Ideas

Posted by on Oct 31, 2011

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These wee skeletons offer a twist on gingerbread men. Just dust off your gingerbread cookie cutters, punch out the bodies and then add bones with vanilla icing. No fancy icing tips on hand? Just spoon the frosting into a plastic storage bag and snip off a corner. 

halloween food, pumpkin soup
Spooky Soup

Here, broccoli soup is made a little more enticing with the addition of cheese. (Because really, what can't be improved by cheese?) For this jack o'lantern, cut slices of cheese into eyes and mouths, then add to the soup. Even more appropriate: Using pumpkin or squash soup instead of broccoli.
halloween food, hot dog fingers
Freaky Fingers

Yeah, these are a little gross...but kids love 'em. To make them, wrap hot dogs in pre-made bread dough, press on an almond sliver at the end (it won't add much flavor) and bake according to bread package instructions. 
halloween food, mozarella eyeballs
Edible Eyeballs

Also a bit gross, but delicious. And not really for kids, unless they're into savory stuff. These are made by topping small balls of marinated mozarella with slivers of green and black olives. Yum.
halloween food, salmon cheese dip brain
Brain Food

Not the most appealing, but definitely the idea that'll get the most shrieks from your guests. Once you get past the appearance (a minor challenge), you'll enjoy a delicious salmon-cheese dip perfect for dipping.
For the full recipe, visit Dabbled.
halloween food, ghost cupcakes
Ghostly Confections

If you can make cupcakes, you can make these ghost treats. Just make your favorite cupcake recipe, then, as they cool, pinch the wrappers to create a slight triangle shape. Frost with vanilla icing and decorate with candies or almond slivers. 
halloween food, blood soup
Blood Soup

More for grown-up palates, but little ones will appreciate the effect. Here, beet soup (or borscht) plays it straight. When ladled, it looks like blood.
halloween food, pumpkin quesadillas
Pumpkin Melts

These are just as good hot off the griddle or cooled and served up for a bag lunch. For each quesadilla: Cut two rounds from tortillas, cutting eyes and a mouth from one round. Layer cheese between the rounds, then warm in a pan or griddle. Or, toast in the oven on a baking sheet.
halloween food, monster oatmeal
Outrageous Oatmeal

Your morning breakfast, made freakily festive: Top oatmeal with dried fruit, nuts and a few gummi worms. Maybe give the worms to the kids, on second thought.
halloween food, pumpkin treats
Pumpkin Patch Treats

So easy, you can get your kids to do most of the work. Here, your standard marshmallow treats take on a new Halloween-perfect look. Just shape the treats into balls and then add a leaf with green icing. Optional: Roll them in orange sprinkles.

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