Handmade Brooch Bouquets for Your Wedding Day

Posted by on Dec 03, 2011

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Hair Bows Wonderworld


Bridal bouquets made out of vintage brooches aren't the newest "it" trend in the bridal world, but they're mighty popular and only continuing to gain in popularity. While the fake blooms can be expensive to purchase (and creating your own doesn't lighten the load too much either), tons of flowers for a wedding can be costly as well. Plus, these romantic touches are more green friendly and can weigh heavy with sentiment when you create an assortment made with brooches handed down from friends and family. Want to try you hand at crafting your own? Check out this DIY how-to from Project Wedding.

This pink bouquet is an admitted favorite of mine (what can I say, I'm a girlie color lover!) It was lovingly made with Sarah Coventry-signed "Fashion Petals" brooches and earrings and is hand-tied with ivory ribbon with "the ends of the stems gracefully sticking out, as a fresh-cut flower bouquet." Don't be tossing this gem to your single ladies!
($595, Hair Bows Wonderworld)

bridal bouquet made from jewelry brooches
Golden Leaf

If golden opulence is your thing, you might be drawn to this shiny gold-and-white brooch bouquet. Note that it can be custom made in both small and medium sizes (large is pictured here). This pieces features rhinestone pieces of jewelry with leaves cascading down the side. The artist also hand-wired "dozens of glass and glass-pearl and faceted glass beads and attached Swarovski rhinestones to the petals of the cloth flowers." Remember when buying bouquets online that the piece may arrive to you looking slightly different that the pictured piece (unless you are buying a ready-to-ship item). This is, of course, because handmade items do tend to vary slightly each time they're crafted!
($600, Noaki)
bridal bouquet made from jewelry brooches
Hydrangea Dreams

This is a great deal for a made-to-order piece. It's constructed from vintage enameled rhinestone brooches, as well as pearl-and-glass pieces, and placed on a silk hydrangea. Customized in your favorite color combo, this work of art takes eight to ten weeks to make and the artist welcomes your own pieces to create "a treasured heirloom just for you."
($299, The Bejeweled Florist)
bridal bouquet made from jewelry brooches
Classic Elegance

More than thirty different rhinestone, crystal and pearl brooches combine to make this bloom. Perfect for the traditional bride sticking with a super classy affair, this arrangement can also be made in multiple sizes. The handle is "wrapped in ivory satin ribbon and rich wide rhinestone trim. The top is covered entirely with silver metal brooches in different sizes and shapes." This would look gorgeous as a centerpiece in your formal dining room (people still have those, right?)
($550, Croska)
bridal bouquet made from jewelry brooches
Purple Rose

If you're throwing a real regal affair, this purple, pink and tiffany blue jeweled bouquet might just be the one for you. It's made of a 50/50 mix of silk roses and ranunculus flowers with matching brooches and buttons. It also "includes one giant blue brooch flower and dozens of tiny rhinestones and other jewelry in mixed colors" to create a look fit for a princess.
($210, Blue Petyl Bouquets)
bridal bouquet made from jewelry brooches
Romance and Whimsy

This bouquet is a custom order that the artist can duplicate into a similar look for you in any color. Over 75 pieces make up this loaded bundle, including vintage brooches, earrings and vintage-inspired jewelry. The cream tulle and wide satin cream ribbon gives it a soft, romantic look. Added touch: pearls were used on the stem.
($400, Luv U Lila)
bridal bouquet made from jewelry brooches
Country Cutie

If you fell in love with the brooch bouquet featured in Miranda Lambert's wedding to Blake Shelton (and shown in Us Weekly and on Access Hollywood), then you've found your dream designer. Pictured here is the piece The Ritzy Rose created just for Miranda from pins she collected from friends and family at a pre-wedding brooch shower. Work with the same talented lady to create your own! Her wise words: "You will have this bouquet long after your wedding day is over. You can hand it down to your daughter to carry at her wedding. Or, pick out a few pieces from the bouquet and give them to your bridesmaids as gifts. Choose your favorite piece and add it to a chain to create a necklace that you can wear every day (or contact me if you want me to create a custom piece of jewelry from your bouquet after the wedding). This will become an instant heirloom that you will treasure forever."
($350, The Ritzy Rose)
bridal bouquet made from jewelry brooches
Bright and Sunshiny Day

If bright, happy and airy are what you're going for — might we suggest a yellow bouquet? Such a happy arrangement will be sure to delight guests (especially the youngsters!) Designed using yellow and white vintage flower brooches, this "bouquet radiates the happiness of a bride's wedding day and provides a lasting heirloom. Finished with a white satin ribbon bow top." Cheers!
($850, Laura Lee Jewels)
bridal bouquet made jewelry brooches
For the Modern Gal

If your tastes run a little more off the beaten path, you might enjoy this fun and light-hearted toy bouquet. Created by the same designer who did Miranda's bouquet (see above), this gorgeous arrangement was created for a British bride who was featured on the Rock N' Roll Bride blog. The designer says the bride wanted 1950s toys to coordinate with her whimsical wedding. She's now creating a custom bouquet for an Alice in Wonderland wedding: "The weirder, the better. Message me with your ideas and I will hunt for quirky, fun pieces!"
($575, The Ritzy Rose)
bridal bouquet made from jewelry brooches
Midnight in the Garden

Black and white may not seem like the idea choice for floral colors at your wedding, but you'd be less surprised how gorgeous this combo looks in a brooch bouquet. The designer says she was "filled with visions of an ethereal bride in a floaty gown running through a flower garden filled with moonlight and dew drops" and she "set out to create a wedding bouquet that not only helped bring this vision to life, but became a study in contrasts. Created with black, white, and black-and-white combo brooches (some are accented with sparkling rhinestones as well), this bouquet is sure to draw attention and compliments for any bride who carries it." We buy that!
($995, Laura Lee Jewels)

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