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Posted by on Feb 26, 2013

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DIY paper decorations can be the fluttery pomander made from cupcake liners or the crisp silhouette of a child's outline on a party invitation. Even better, paper party decor can be made from new and repurprosed materials, according to designer and author Vana Chupp of Le Papier Studio. Her new book, "Pretty Paper Parties: Customize Your Party with Papers, Templates, and Endless Inspiration," abounds with inspiration for making your own DIY paper decorations. Vana shares a few of her favorite tips for decorating your party, and she even offers her new book for an exclusive CraftFoxes' giveaway. Read on for more.

Vana Chupp
Your book "Pretty Paper Parties" is so adorable and practical, with paper templates for garlands, buntings, cupcake toppers, photo booth props and more. How did you get started with paper crafting, and what do you love about it?

My love for paper goes back to my college days. I had a "fun paper" box that consisted of scraps of fancy paper purchased from Paper Source or left over from gift wrapping. I would put those scraps to use by making thank you cards and gift tags.

There's just something therapeutic about working with paper (for me at least) — it allows me to focus my creativity and attention to making something beautiful. I also like the feeling of accomplishing something fun and tangible away from the stress of daily life.

What are the basic supplies needed to get started with paper party decor?

It really is up to each individual crafter. Some go all out and have a whole closet or even a room full of supplies and materials. I think the most commonly used supplies are scissors, hole/shape punches, glue, an X-Acto knife, twine, various ribbons and, of course, papers.
diy paper decoration
Do you have any tips for making paper party decorations with kids?

Start with something easy and not very labor intensive. Kids' attention can only go so far. Have your supplies and materials ready from the start. Step by step instructions also help. Most of all, remember to have fun — it doesn't have to be perfect!

You suggest replacing the party bunting paper templates with upcycled fabric for a vintage party look. What other kinds of repurposed materials work well for paper party decorations?

Anything from scraps of paper, pages from an old book, copies of old (or new) pictures to fancy ribbons. Really whatever catches your artistic eye. I am a big believer in using materials and accessories you already have in your house by revamping them with the help of a few good party decoration books (or Pinterest).

What is your favorite party planning tip?

Start with a party theme. This will set the stage for the rest of the details of your party, from the invitation to decorations, food and drinks. I tend to sketch/write things on paper before I commit to making any final decisions as far as decorations go. I draw inspirations from Pinterest, party blogs, books and magazines.


Image credits (from top): All images from Le Papier Studio

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