Handmade Holiday Cards — 6 Quick Ideas

Posted by on Nov 29, 2011

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Though it's fairly obvious that we'd take the handmade route for our holiday cards, there's a good reason for it: Those big boxes of Christmas cards have gotten more expensive (yet the paper is flimsier) and it's becoming increasingly difficult to find non-cheesy designs. And though we've seen some incredibly intricate handmade cards, we favor a less fussy approach. (After all, the card has to get through the postal system unscathed.) These six ideas certainly fit the bill, but without sacrificing holiday style. 

Our first pick is a typography-inspired holiday card. If you're one of those people with a typewriter, here's your time to put it to use. Otherwise, use rubber stamps or your computer to add a repeated holiday greeting.

Free printable holiday card from Mufn Inc
Mufn Inc
Pretty Printables

Fresh and the epitome of fuss-free crafting: All you have to do is download this pre-drawn card from Mufn Inc. The bottom right is open for you to add in your family's greeting, or simply leave some artsy white space.
For the free printable holiday cards, visit Mufn Inc.
easy handmade holiday card ideas, snowflake card
Simple Snowflakes

Though this snowflake looks intricate, it can be made with little hassle by using a cookie cutter as a template. Then, use a craft knife to cut out the design. To make the snowflake pop, layer a piece of specialty scrapbook paper (we like the glittery kind for this) underneath the cut-out. 

handmade christmas card idea using rubber stamping
Stamped Charm

With nearly every craft store offering some sort of holiday discount, now is a great time to stock up on rubber stamps. And though the shelf life of a reindeer stamp is small, it's extremely handy during the holidays. To wit: These stamped cards. On thick, white paper, the reindeer suddenly looks like a graphic design rather than a cute stamp. 
handmade holiday card idea featuring splatter art
Splatter Art

Remember splatter (or spin) art? We think it's about time for it to make a comeback. This Christmas tree is snipped from paper artfully splattered with green ink. For your own splattered paper, dip a paint brush in ink (or paint) and randomly, well, splatter it across paper, varying colors. 
For a closer look at this tree, visit Flickr.
Handmade holiday card ideas, how to emboss foil
Elegant Embossing

If you have a heat embosser tool, try swapping out the typical paper for aluminum foil. It'll give you the same look as metallic specialty papers for a fraction of the price. Then, cut out a few foil designs to use as embellishments. 
No embossing tool? No worries. Check out this tutorial for embossing with a rolling pin on YouTube.

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