Handmade Slippers and Socks That Totally Rock

Posted by on Nov 07, 2014

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I suffer from always having cold feet (and hands), so when I got back into crochet and knitting, some of the first things I made were to help keep my feet warm. I was fascinated by the idea of making my own slippers, and was delighted when I found a great tutorial for crochet slippers. This led to a spate of pinning all the crochet (and later knit) slippers and socks I could find. Now that it's definitely chilly here, I'm revisiting those ideas. Socks and slippers are great gifts to give to loved ones and close friends too. I always appreciate something to keep me warm! 

I hope these ideas set your mind racing a bit. To see even more ideas, you can check out my knitting sock board or my crochet sock board on Pinterest.

crochet slippers

Chic Slipper Flats

Stephanie took her basic slipper tutorial (linked above), and used it to make a whole host of crochet slippers inspired by flats at the shoe store. So clever! These definitely aren’t your granny’s crochet slippers. If you’re a beginner don’t hesitate to try this pattern, it's much simpler than you think.

knit slippers
Yuko Nakamura

Non-Felted slippers 

I’m not sure how to describe the deep joy I feel when I look at these slippers. The color and texture are just perfect, and you can get different looks by using varying yarns. These would work so well for men too!

chunky cable knit slippers

Two Hour Cable Slippers 

This summer my sister showed me how to work cables, so I'm now brave enough to attempt these slippers. I love the chunkiness! Julie, the pattern designer, says that because of the chunky yarn, you can complete these in under two hours.

stripe knit socks
Jeny Staiman

Double Helix Socks 

This year I knit my first pair of socks! Okay, that’s not entirely true, I've only made one side so far. I mentioned my sister above. She also taught me how to knit toe-up socks using the magic loop method. Mind blown. Now when I see patterns like these double helix socks, I feel confident I can tackle them. I so love the idea of having matched — yet mismatched — socks, don’t you?

popcorn crochet socks
Mary Jane Wood

Polka Dot Popcorn Socks 

I have yet to try making crochet socks, but I think when I do I’ll start with these. Probably not pink and white, but the color possibilities are endless with this pattern.

crochet yoga socks

Crochet Yoga Socks

I was unaware of yoga socks until recently, but now that I am hip to them, I want to make a drawer full. And I don’t even do yoga! This pattern is touted as being easy, using basic crochet stitches. It sure seems worth a try. Once you get the hang of it, you could go crazy and make them in stripes.

knit yoga socks boot toppers
Rebecca Kerstin

Knit yoga socks 

I like this pattern because it does double-duty as yoga socks and boot toppers (love me some boot toppers). It’s knit in the round and has that lovely ruffle detail at the top.

felt soles for slippers
Non-Slip Felt Slipper Soles 
Follow the instructions in this tutorial to make a felt sole for your slippers to prevent slipping and to help cushion the soles of your feet. This is especially helpful for those who wear comfy slippers for long periods during the day.

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