Handprint Crafts and Fingerprint Crafts for Kids

Posted by on Feb 19, 2013

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Owl made from purple paper with handprints as the wings.
Handprint Owls

These handprint owls give kids an opportunity to use their hands and have fun with paint, as well as being an adorable way to teach them about animals. There is a template at the link below for making the cute little owl. Once you’ve printed it out, simply let your kids dip their hands in the paint color of their choice and add the owl’s wings!
For the template for this handprint craft, visit Meet the Dubiens
Colorful flowers made from handprints
Handprint Tulips

For those of us in the colder climates, spring may seem like a long way off. But these handprint tulips are a great way to brighten up your house during the winter months. Simply paint some white foam board in cool, spring colors. Then trace the outline of your little one’s hand onto the foam board. Cut out the hand shapes, stick them onto bamboo skewers that you’ve painted green and place them in small, terra cotta pots. This handprint craft is a great way to bring a taste of spring to your landscape, which may be covered in snow. 
For more information on this handprint craft, visit MegaCrafty
Rainbow made from family members
Family Rainbow

This handprint craft is a very simple way to be creative with your kids and spend some family time together. All you need is a large piece of paper, some paint and any other crafting supplies you might want to use in your family rainbow. Have each person in your family choose a color of paint that suits their personality or is their favorite. Then just dip your hands in the paint and create a colorful representation of your family. 
For more information on this handprint craft, visit Family Crafts at About.com
Little people made from fingerprints
Fingerprint People

These fingerprint crafts are tons of fun and let your children’s imaginations run wild. Just have your child leave fingerprints on a sheet of plain white paper and then add faces, arms, legs and any other embellishments they want to create little characters. Once they have some fingerprint people down on paper, encourage your kids to make up some stories for them! As the link below will demonstrate, you can even make a mini comic strip with your fingerprint characters. 
For more information on this fingerprint craft, visit Ginger & George
Heart-shaped pendants with fingerprints in the middle
Fingerprint Pendants

This fingerprint craft can be a sweet gift for grandparents, parents or anyone important in your child’s life. Simply take some Sculpey and cut out any shape you’d like with cookie cutters. The link below suggests hearts, but choose any shape you like. Then have your kids press their fingers into the Sculpey to leave the impression of their fingerprints. Remember to poke a hole if you want to make these into keychains or necklaces. Bake your Sculpey creations and then, if you’d like, write names and dates on the back to commemorate the gift.
For more information on this fingerprint craft, visit A girl and a glue gun
Various animals made from fingerprints
Fingerprint Menagerie

These tiny fingerprint animals are a great way to teach kids innovative creativity as well as some different kinds of animals. All you need for this fingerprint craft is your kids, some ink pads and a vibrant imagination. Teach your kids that their own fingers and thumbs can become anything they want on the page. You can make monkeys, elephants, moose and so much more!
For more inspiration for this fingerprint craft, visit Light Camera Monkey
Family tree with a brown handprint as the trunk
Handprint Family Tree

This handprint craft is another great way to have some family togetherness time. All you need is some brown and green paint and some plain white paper. First, make a brown handprint on the paper to act as the trunk of the literal family tree. Then, with the green paint, either use a brush to paint leaves on your tree or use your fingers to make fingerprint leaves. When the paint has dried, write the names of your family members on the green part of your tree. 
For more information on this handprint craft, visit Busy Bee Kids Crafts


Credits: Meet the Dubiens, MegaCrafty, Light Camera Monkey, Family Crafts, Ginger & George, Busy Bee Kid Crafts, A girl and a glue gun

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