Amazing, Wacky and Weird Menorahs

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015

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With Hanukkah just around the corner, it's time to prepare for eight days of celebration. The menorah and lighting of the candles are essential traditions to the holiday, but no one wants to display the same generic menorah as everyone else. You may be looking for something different or attention grabbing, so we scoured the internet to find the weirdest menorahs around. In true-crafty fun, we've featured two menorah tutorials to get you involved in the wackiness. Enjoy, and Happy Hanukkah!

Tabby Cat Menorah
Etsy Shop PenguinPuppydog
Cute and ceramic, this tabby menorah from Etsy shop PenguinPuppydog features bountiful florals along with an orange tabby. This menorah is perfect for any cat lover or quirkster out there. Now, let's think: is this clay structure more of a menorah or a shrine to someone's grandmother's tabby cat?
Pasta Menorah
Susan Safford
If you love pasta, then you might just fall in love with this DIY pasta menorah from Gwyn McAllister at the Martha's Vineyard Times. Also, if you look at pasta and think "wow, there's so much more I can do with this than just cook it," you're in luck. Follow the tutorial to replicate one of your own.

Shower Menorah
Etsy Shop YafitGlass
Taking a shower is mundane, but having a shower menorah is far from it. This custom glass creation from Etsy shop YafitGlass has a bunch of blue water droplets and a steel-colored shower head. Shower fans can now commemorate their favorite activity in the form of a menorah. Some people do their best thinking in the bathroom, or create their best work in honor of the bathroom.

Hello Kitty Menorah
Hello Kitty has a strong fan base, boasting entire conventions around the famed feline figure. Now, menorahs have entered fandom territory. This particular menorah from features Hello Kitty acting as a 7-piece band with a conductor under the shamash. A musical and meow-some tribute to Hanukkah.

Pool Noodle Menorah
As if pasta noodles weren't enough, this pool noodle menorah from Bible Belt Balabusta is both enormous and educational. Teach your kids about the joys of lighting each candle without the fear of anything catching flame. This DIY menorah will leave you saying "foam flames, foam candles, foam candleholders! Oh my!"

Dinosaur Menorah
Etsy Shop thevanillastudio
For the ultimate wackiness, add this T-rex menorah from Etsy shop thevanillastudio to your collection. Featured in a brassy finish, this dinosaur menorah will have you rawr-ing on the floor with laughter and leave you filled with Hanukkah glee. Plus, thevanillastudio also has a lobster menorah and a hippo menorah for sale among other weird masterpieces.

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