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Posted by on Jan 09, 2012

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Laurie Wheeler / Crochet Liberation Front


Laurie A. Wheeler is the founder of the pinnacle craft site the Crochet Liberation Front, which aims to connect, inform and celebrate crochet and the people who love it. Through the annual Flamie awards, which reviews the year's best in crochet hooks, blogs and more, Laurie uncovers the best in the world of crochet. Her retreats in the Pacific Northwest and crochet webinars help keep crafters passionate about crochet year-round.

Do you have a question for Laurie about your first scarf, an advanced stitch or something else? You can ask here in the comments or via our Facebook or Twitter accounts. If you have a question about a specific item, you can email us an image at info@craftfoxes.com, and we'll be happy to forward it to her. 

In the meantime, check out Laurie's gallery on fearless crochet and her CraftFoxes profile!

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  • by recrochetions
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    Best yarns for felted crochet? Having trouble getting it as thick & sturdy as I want. Would looser stitches give more room for fibers to felt?