Healthy Crockpot Recipes to Celebrate Summer

Posted by on May 14, 2013

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Healthy crockpot recipes are a summertime blessing. Not only do they keep figures trim for those DIY swimsuits, but they also keep cooks out of a too-hot-to-trot kitchen, freeing them up for summertime adventures and afternoon naps. Even better, crockpots are more energy efficient than electric stoves and help save money (though gas stoves are still technically best). Read on for easy but healthy crockpot recipes you can make this summer.

healthy crockpot recipe
Korean Beef Ribs

Galbi, a flavorful beef dish common in Korea, gets a slow cooker makeover. Traditional Korean flavors like soy sauce, ginger and rice vinegar help melt beef ribs for 6 hours on high while, when finished, a cooling, Asian-inspired slaw tops the ribs for a summertime taco. Complete the meal with rice pilaf and a refreshing fruit drink.
Learn how to make your own health crockpot recipe from Carpe Season.
healthy crockpot recipe
Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Boneless chicken and a favorite buffalo sauce stew for 4-6 hours in a slow cooker on high, and, when finished, a touch of Greek yogurt is added for a thicker consistency. Consider stewing several batches of chicken without sauce, and then using the extra portions for chicken salad wraps or maybe a 7-layer salad later in the week.
That’s So Michelle shares this healthy crockpot recipe.
healthy crockpot recipe
Polenta Pie

Shredded pork and creamy polenta combine for a unique, Mexican-inspired crockpot recipe. Beer marinades the pork while pinto beans add extra protein. Serve with fresh cilantro and salsa to add some fresh tang to the meal.
Pinch of Yum offers this free healthy crockpot recipe.
healthy crockpot recipe
Corn Chowder 

Corn, one of summer’s best creations, adds a crisp sweetness to a traditional chowder recipe. Use shrimp or even canned crab, lemon thyme and bright red peppers for a creamy but light summer soup, and serve with corn bread or crusty rolls.
She Knows shares how to make this healthy crockpot recipe.
healthy crockpot recipe
Greek Yogurt

Homemade Greek yogurt atop a fresh peach, drizzled with honey, is an easy but delicious summertime dessert. The slow cooker incubates the yogurt, helping the bacteria that thickens milk to grow. Consider experimenting with soy milk or even coconut milk for a non-dairy version.
Culinary Adventures in the Kitchen offers this free, healthy crockpot recipe.
healthy crockpot recipe

A barley risotto gets special attention with the slow cooker, particularly since it doesn’t need all that stirring that traditional risotto recipes demand. Leeks, garlic and thyme flavor the mild grain while Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese adds creaminess. Customize the recipe by using summertime vegetables like eggplant and tomatoes to top the risotto.
Small Wallet, Big Appetite teaches how to make this healthy crockpot recipe.
healthy crockpot recipe
African Soup

For a meatless slow cooker recipe, try this lentil soup influenced by African spices. Using a lot of summertime veggies like tomatoes and chiles, this simple vegetarian dish can serve as a starter to a lighter summer salad meal. Even better, this meal freezes well, so consider making a double batch for those days you’re too tired to cook.
Kalyn’s Kitchen share this healthy crockpot recipe.

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