Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

Posted by on Oct 14, 2014

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Sometimes we don’t have as much space as we’d like in our homes. In this situation, you have to find ways to make do with what you have. Office space can be hard to make in your home, but there are some great DIY ideas for small office spaces all around the internet. We’ve gathered six unique and innovative projects here for you, if you find yourself with less-than-desirable space for your office.

Desk space against louvred doors
Just Desk Space
Sometimes all you need to create office space is a desk. If you have just a section of wall to work with, find a small desk and set it against some louvre doors to create a set apart space where you can work and concentrate. For more information, visit Sally Lee by the Sea.

Portable office
Portable Office
Of course, if you simply have no space for an office in your home, you can always create a portable office to work on-the-go! All you need for this project is a basket organizer or a divided bin to gather up your office supplies and take them with you. For more information, visit Organizing Junkie.

Desk bookcase
Desk Bookcase
This office solution utilizes a bookcase to give you a desk, shelves for storing supplies, and privacy if you want to create a 2-person office space. This is a great idea if you need to combine as many things as you can for the sake of space. For more information, visit Goods Home Design.

Closet space converted into office space
The Closet Office
Perhaps the most popular idea for renovating small space into an office is to convert a closet. You have to be mindful of how deep your closet is and then start planning where you want things to go. Have fun with it! For more information, visit Houzz.

Desk suspended on the wall
Suspended Desk
A great way to make use of small office space is to suspend your desk against the wall and then use the floor space for storage and anything else you need. This is a great way to save space and it looks stylish at the same time! For more information, visit Sunset.

Bookcase converted into office space
Bookcase Office Space
Bookcases can be a great tool for creating an office space if, again, you just have some wall space. Set one bookcase on top of another to utilize the vertical space that you have. For more information, visit Chez Larsson.

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