How Are Knitting and Crochet Different? Comparing Projects from Both Mediums

Posted by on Jun 08, 2011

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Maybe it's all the reality TV battles I've been watching — models, chefs, even robots, but I think the time has come for knitting and crochet to finally have it out! Knitting vs crochet, which yarn craft is truly superior? These unique pairings of knit and crochet creations will battle for the ultimate prize: becoming America's Next Top Craft!

Doggie Style

crochet amigurumi dog

Crochet Amigurumi Chihuahua

If you like them small and yappy, then check out this tiny crochet chihuahua. Using a single crochet stitch, the amigurumi doll — unlike its nervy real-life counterpart — has a cheery smile that will brighten any cubicle clutter.
Get the free amigurumi chihuahua pattern from Curly Girl's Crochet Etc!
felted knit english bull dog
Knit Bull Dog

And for those who like a little more meat on their mutt, this knit English bull dog features a fierce Winston Churchill impression without any of the drool — the dog, not the prime minister.
Get the free pattern for this knit bull dog from Canadian Living!

Scarf It Down

chunky crochet cowl scarf

Chunky Infinity Crochet Cowl

While few women willingly wear something called chunky, this infinity crochet cowl radiates a trendy prepster vibe (preppy meets hipster?). And since crafters use chunky — maybe we can just call it big-threaded? — yarn, the cowl takes less than an afternoon to complete.
Get the free pattern for the chunky infinity crochet cowl scarf from JJ Crochet!
chunky knit coffe cosy
Knit Coffee Cozy

And if you love a good snuggle-smother for your neck, then why not a scarf for your overpriced coffee? This easy knit coffee cozy features chunky buttons and textured wool yarn for the ultimate in coffee shop chic. There's even an alternative crochet pattern.
Get the free pattern for the knit coffee cozy from The Sitting Tree!

Cozies for Your Toesies

crochet ballet slippers

Crochet Ballet Slippers

Don these sweet ballet slippers to become the belle of the ball — even if the closest to a ball that you've been is the one that crashed through your front window. These crochet slippers also make unique gifts and are an easy alternative to forcing guests to walk around in holey socks.
Get the free pattern for the crochet ballet slippers from Look What I Made!
knit stockinette
Knit Sockinette

If it's granny chic you're craving, then check out these knit sockinettes. This hottie hosiery is another quick knit and with some velvety merino wool become another luxurious and unique gift.
Get the free pattern for the knit stockinette via Slip Slip Knit

Knitty Newborns and Crochet Crawlers

crochet amigurumi bird crib mobile

Crochet Amigurumi Bird Mobile

When you sit under this flock — unlike the live-action version — you won't have to dodge those infamous tiny white bullets. Another benefit? By varying the amigurumi birds' designs you can — as we say back home — make your scrap stash all. Just be sure to use similar-weighted yarn to avoid bumpy birdies.
Crochet your own amigurumi bird mobile via this free pattern from Knitty!
knit legend of zelda outfit
Knit Legend of Zelda Baby Costume

Just as I thought — children are created purely for their entertainment value, as evidenced by this knit Legend of Zelda baby costume. So, go ahead, get your geek on, because even if your little Link crashes into sleep more than he clashes swords, the embarrassment value will pay dividends when the wee write-off reaches — yech! — teenager-hood.
Get the free pattern for this knit Legend of Zelda outfit via Happy Seamstress!

Winter Weather Wonders

swirl newsboy crochet cap

Swirl Newsboy Crochet Cap

In a world of bland crochet ski hats, we have to give a hat's off to this crochet newsboy cap! The swirl crochet pattern with button detail adds an ironic hipster swagger to the never-ending hunt for warmth during those dreaded winter months.
Get a pattern for the swirl crochet cap via Sophia Kessinger and Ravelry!
Twilight knit mittens
Twilight Knit Mittens

Elongated cuffs and cable detailing add charm to this chunky mitten, inspired by the knit gloves worn in that vampire movie. And to complete your Kristen/Bella look? Just add a chronic lip-biting affectation. And the pasty boyfriend, of course.
Make your own knit Twilight-inspired mittens via this free pattern at Subliminal Rabbit!

On a Whim and a Prayer

crochet donut pillow

Crochet Donut Pillow

What's that old joke about eating a pillow in your sleep? Now you can create your own sweet dreams with this whimsical crochet donut pillow that relies on a single crochet stitch. Sorry, sugar crash not included.
Make your own crochet donut pillow with this free pattern from DJonesGirl!
felted knit mushroom decor
Felted Knit Mushroom Decor

For another touch of sweet whimsy, check out this felted knit mushroom. Ideal for trendy home decor or unique gifts, knitters can customize each creation by creating stumps and tops of varying sizes.
Check out this free pattern for the felted knit mushroom via Kathryn Ivy!


Don't Be a Wet Blanket

granny square crochet blanket

Granny Square Crochet Blanket

The epitome of crochet ugly, dated granny square and afghan blankets have — thankfully — made the long journey back to trendy redemption via modern colors and unique graphic designs. Ideal for those new to crochet, granny squares are simply small coaster-like squares whipstitched together.
Make your own granny square crochet blanket with this free pattern via Squirrel Chatter!
knit patchwork blanket
Knit Patchwork Blanket

Borrowing techniques from the current revolution in trendy quilting, this knit baby blanket steals quilt-like patchwork designs to create a stylish, textured craft.
Make your own knit patchwork blanket via this free pattern from Trudy Evans!

All Covered Up

rose tea cosy

Knit Rose Teapot Cozy

Someone just yarn-bombed this tea kettle! Oh, wait. It's supposed to be like that. With a nod to the formal style of tradition tea cozies, the bright colors and chunky design give a trendy alternative to this yarn-covered craft.
Get a free pattern for this knit teapot cozy from The Queen of Tea Cosies!

crochet hexagon chair back
Crochet Hexagon Chair Cover

Speaking of yarn-covered crafts, I love this bright chair cover featuring crochet hexagons. Instead of losing the chair's vintage silhouette in swaths of greedy fabric, the unique hexagon cover, created by Jo from About Mo and Me, highlights the shape while adding a bright, modern vibe.
Learn how to make your own crochet hexagons via Attic24!


The Teeniest of Tiny-ies

knit bunny
Knit Bunny

These last two pairings feature the delicate style that knitting and crochet can achieve. These 3/4-inch knit bunnies made from scraps demand sock yarn to achieve their tinniness. Get creative with these tiny dolls — they make pencil toppers, gift wrapping decorations or even sub for the birds from the crib mobile to create a bunny theme.
Create your own knit bunnies via this free pattern from Mochimochi Land!
lace crochet necklace
Crochet Lace Necklace

A modern take on a traditional technique, this delicate necklace features dainty lace crochet paired with a chunky wooden button. The fresh raspberry color adds trendy flair. Crochet your own lace to create DIY headbands, jewelry or even applique for knit quilts or crochet blankets.
Learn how to create your own Irish crochet lace necklace via Megan Mills!

Image credits from top:, Sally Muir / Joanna Osborne,,,, Mel Clark, Meg Bakewell / Katherine Tombeau Cost / David Bay,,,,, Kathryn Ivy,, Trudy Evans, Laoni Prior, and

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