How to Make a Marvelous Margarita

Posted by on Feb 19, 2016

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With only three ingredients, balanced to your liking, the classic margarita is one of the easiest cocktails to mix at home.  Grab some silver tequila, fresh lime, and triple sec, add a little ice, shake, and then pour.  Dip the rim of the glass in salt, sugar, or flavored garnishes for an optional flavor boost.  Or play around with a few fruity flavors to liven up your next party.  Experiment with garnishes, using flavored salts, spices, and grated citrus zests.  With an almost endless supply of recipes available online, isn't it time to ditch the margarita mix and craft your own summery cocktails?

How to make a perfect classic margarita
Dale DeGroff
This is the perfect place to start if you're looking for a classic margarita recipe.  If you're completely new to the art of cocktail making, scroll down for an extensive list of the most highly recommended tequilas for margarita mixing.

Light watermelon margarita recipe
Cooking Light
For a delicious and light alternative to the standard citrus flavored margarita try this watermelon variation.  Each glass contains only 105 calories, so a little indulgence won't ruin your diet.

Tangy rhubarb margarita recipe
A mix of sweet and tart is so refreshing after a hot day or a day spent wishing you were somewhere sunny and warm.  This rhubarb margarita is sure to get your friends and family talking.  Don't forget to follow the link to the rhubarb syrup recipe!  It can be used as a garnish in so many desserts.

Mango margarita with chile salt and lime
Mangoes are such a delicious part of summer; why not blend them into a margarita?  The chile salt is completely optional, but adds a wonderful kick to the sweet smoothness of this drink.

Fresh strawberry margarita recipe
One of the great delights of summer is an abundance of fresh berries.  These delicious strawberry margaritas are best made with fresh fruit, but if you can't get your hands on any, frozen berries are a fine substitute.

Frozen pomegranate margarita
Martha Stewart Living
frozen pomegranate margarita goes down a treat on a balmy evening.  Simply freeze your juice in an ice-cube tray to blend a deliciously smooth  drink that won't water down as the night wears on.

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