How to Create a Home with Earth-Friendly (Biophillic) Design

Posted by on Mar 01, 2023

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Earth-friendly or biophilic design is a way of creating spaces that celebrate the natural environment and humans’ connection to it. The aim is to restore the balance between the human and natural world by reconnecting people to nature within the built environment. 

Biophillic design considers the experience of users when living in spaces that incorporate elements found in nature such as sunlight, wood, fresh air, and green plants. It may seem like a very touchy feely approach to developing your habitat, but there’s a lot of research demonstrating the value of nature in soothing our senses. 

Many of these ideas require constructing your own space. Some companies like Edmonton custom home builder Timberhaus focus on natural aspects in their builds. Depending on how much you have to invest in the project, you may be able to create a biophillic interior with some smart remodeling or even a few smart pieces of interior decor.

Research contractors to find one that can best incorporates an earth-friendly design in your home. Once you start working with an architect or builder, voice your desires right away and make adjustments along the way. 

Here are concepts that emphasize a repeated and sustained engagement with nature.

Air and Light

Allow light and air in your home to experience the daily shifts throughout the day and seasons. Windows and skylights help us experience not only light, but also clouds, rain, snow and wind. 

Outdoor Space
One of the best ways to interact with nature is to have plenty of it. Consider how much land you need in relation to your house. 

Of course this thinking assumes you have the luxury of building your own home. Even if your house’s footprint is well established, there may be ways to increase the greenery. Perhaps a courtyard can be lined with plants or a natural fountain can be added. 

Flora is one of the easiest ways to directly experience nature in your home. Plants can help reduce stress and improve air quality, but there needs to be a good amount of them. Consider installing a native green roof. Try to use local indigenous plants. These can also help create habitats for local wildlife.


Using water in your design can engage several of your senses: sight, sound and touch. Small ponds and bodies of water can add a lot to your visual landscape. If you live near a body of water, you may want to adapt your home to take advantage of the view. 

Natural Materials and Colors
Materials such as stone and wood, and even materials colored in those hues, can help create a sense of nature in your home and the warmth that comes along with it. When combined with natural light, the space has a sense of peacefulness. Those materials and colors can also come into play when choosing your home decor and furniture. 

A wood-framed chair with earth tone fabrics can suggest a natural surrounding, even if you don’t have quick access to a forest or lake. 

Avoid florescent and vibrant colors that may be fun, but don’t often evoke a sense of calm. This approach is described a an indirect contact to nature 

Patina of Time
If you have the option, incorporate materials that will weather well and reflect the passage of time. We change as we age and your surroundings can, too. There’s nothing wrong with a wood exterior that pales after years under the sun. Of course you don’t want to neglect the materials. They may need to be re-stained or even repainted, but allowing elements of age to creep in is absolutely fine. 

Relationship to Place
Homes should ideally be relevant to their surroundings: Built with the local materials and climate in mind. Given the right research, a house can be created with local approaches and style in mind. That’s particularly important when designing the landscape and flora that will accentuate the house.

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