How to Crochet Amigurumi Food

Posted by on Mar 24, 2017

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We know you were raised not to play with your food, but these 11 free crochet amigurumi food patterns are too cute to resist. To crochet one of these adorable yarn-based desserts, veggies and other scrumptious edibles, consider using higher-quality yarn to prevent the almost immediate fraying that comes with cheaper yarns. 

If you're not sure which type of yarn will work best for your project, check out our guide to the best crochet yarns.

Crochet Pancake Pattern
Flash in the Pan
Get started crocheting food with this amigurumi pancake pattern, exclusive to CraftFoxes. A short stack of pancakes makes delicious play food or, when stitched with a maple-syrup smile, can serve as a homey "Good morning" to overnight guests.

crochet carrots
What's Up, Doc?             
Refresh your crafty palate by creating some healthy, vibrant carrots  diy crocheted amigurumi carrots, that is! Make a set for your little one to play with while you make Sunday supper, or, for those looking for a challenge, crochet an entire plush toy garden, complete with a raised bed and garden tools. We'll look forward to seeing just how far you crafters can take that pattern.

Tutorials for Further Learning:

Crochet Amigurumi Cookies
Milk and Cookies
Whether you're Team Oreo or Hydrox, these little crochet amigurumi cream cookies are too cute to pass up! For extra credit, crochet a companion carton of milk for pretend dipping.

Crochet Amigurumi Sandwich
Earl of Sandwiches
This crochet amigurumi sandwich pattern, excerpted from Yummi-Gurumi by Christen Haden, creates a BLT on white (or wheat bread, depending on your yarn choice). Considering vegan-izing the crochet food how-to by just taking the lettuce and tomato and topping them with a few tofu cubes.

Crochet Easter Egg Pattern
An Egg-cellent Idea
Your landlord may not dig a flock of chickens pecking away in your yard, but don't let that stop you from whipping up a basket of fresh crocheted amigurumi eggs from Petals to Pictos! Speckle these festive crochet Easter eggs with beads or go crazy with striped pinks and purples for a cheery farmhouse-styling. 

crochet fruit
Apples, Oranges and Plums
Anneris from crochet blog, Amigurumi food, created these patterns for crocheted amigurumi apples, oranges and plums. In addition to these cutie fruities, there are all sorts of patterns to check out on her blog.

crochet pie
A Piece of the Pie 
This free pattern for a crochet amigurumi slice of lemon meringue pie looks almost as scrumptious as the real thing. By switching the yarn color, this patterns can easily become for key lime pie! For a fun alternative to the traditional (and boring) place settings, secure a paper name tag to a metal fork and stick the utensil into the crochet food for a merry means of assigning guests around a dinner table.

Crochet Amigurumi Apple Pie
As Easy as Pie
Is one pie not enough? Probably not when you can crochet an amigurumi apple pie just in time for fall! We love the detailing on the pie crust, and advanced crocheters could customize the part of this free pattern even more.

Crochet Cake Pattern
Take the Cake 
One slice of pie not enough? Try a whole cake. Inspired by the fondant craze that has swept the cake world, this sweetcrochet amigurumi cake pattern is sure to impress all those with a sweet tooth in your life. The pastel styling not your thing? An embroidered cake tattoo — one of our favorite frosting trends — or even some ombre yarn can add a little more edge to your crochet cake.
Free Crochet Ice Cream Pattern
I Scream, You Scream 
The great debate between cone or cup finds resolution with this crochet amigurumi waffle cone bowl. With coconut and honey pistachio-“flavored” yarn, this grown-up crochet project from Norma Lynn Hood offers lots of room for customization: a shell pattern stitched to the bottom of each scoop, sparkly beads for sprinkles, or even a cheery cherry, complete with its own embroidered grin.

Free Amigurumi Hamburger Pattern
Ham It Up
Even vegetarians won't be able to resist the charming smile of this crochet amigurumi cheeseburger from Nerdigurumi. With its tiny smile and rosy cheeks, this little guy brings new meaning to the term "Happy Meal." If you've got pets, this pattern is great for a DIY chew toy! Just stuff with squeaky or crinkly materials for your furry friend's entertainment.

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    Fun fun. I know several of my local students have been wanting to crochet food. A couple years ago I helped crochet about 30 Pancakes for a friend's kid's birthday party favors. They make great Frisbees!