Learn How to Sew a Zipper in Less Than 10 Minutes (VIDEO)

Posted by on Oct 19, 2015

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Does it seem like that pesky zipper always gets you? Whether it jams up on your jacket or your jeans, zippers are a force to be reckoned with. Even sewing a zipper can prove difficult, but don't fret because Creativebug is here to help with tips and tidbits about sewing a zipper. Being a source for all things sewing, Creativebug is sponsoring the Fashion Sewing category in the 2015 Craftys Awards. For more information on this video, check it out either on Creativebug's website or on YouTube. Now, relax and prepare to be dazzled by the wonders of sewing a zipper.

Sewing a zipper may seem as complicated as zipping one up, but you'll soon learn the parts of the zipper and how to attach two different types of zippers to any garment. In this video, Creativebug instructor Liesl Gibson covers the basics on positioning and sewing the zipper for a seamless finish. While watching the video, take note of the following facts and tips:

TWO KINDS OF ZIPPERS: There is the regular zipper and the invisible zipper. The invisible zipper is not actually invisible but instead hides the teeth, unlike the regular zipper.

ANATOMY OF THE ZIPPER: The zipper has two parts: the pull and the slider. A part of the slider, the pull is the part you hold to pull up or down to open and close the teeth. The slider actually slides along the teeth and binds (zips) or separates (unzips) them.

ATTACH INTERFACING: Make sure to attach interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric where the zipper will be positioned.

UNZIP THE ZIPPER: Before you pin the zipper to the fabric, make sure you unzip the zipper. To keep the zipper open, press and roll the backside of the tape with a cool iron.


ALIGN THE TOP STOPS AND THE FABRIC: To pin the zipper to the fabric for sewing, first line the top stops up with the top of the fabric where the top of the zipper will be located.

SEW CLOSELY TO THE TEETH: When sewing the zipper on the machine, stitch along and as closely as possible to the teeth.


IRON THE GARMENT'S SEAM ALLOWANCE: Before marking the zipper's position and pinning the zipper to your garment, make sure to iron the seam allowance flat where you're going to insert the zipper.

RIP THE BASTING STITCHES: Remember to rip the basting stitches atop the zipper with a seam ripper.

SEW THE OTHER SIDE AT THE TOP: When topstitching the other side of the zipper, don't forget to start sewing at the top.

HAND SEW THE ZIPPER TAPE FLAPS: After aligning the top stops with the top of the fabric, you will find a part of the zipper tape still sticking out of your garment. Hand sew the tape flaps down to the inside of the garment.

Now, you know the parts of the zipper and how to sew both an invisible and a regular zipper into a garment. We'll zip this one up by wishing you the best of luck on your next sewing endeavor. Happy sewing!

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