Kayte Terry's Paper Crafts + Jonatha Brooke's Music = Crafty Girls (Video)

Posted by on Apr 25, 2014

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Since junior high, papercrafter Kayte Terry has been a fan of folksinger Jonatha Brooke, so the thought of being her opening act was nerve-wracking. A couple of years ago, Kayte was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire and Jonatha followed her to rock the workshop. The two artists hit it off so well they started talking about a tour, crafting and singing across the country. They eventually made a video together, based on the projects in Kayte's book, Paper Made, which inspired Jonatha to write a bouncy, mellifluous sing-a-long song.

"There we were, late at night, surrounded by a dozen other creative ladies deep in the New Hampshire woods," remembers Kayte, "making up lyrics and laughing, with the loons on Squam Lake howling along."

Jonatha narrates their video, Crafty Girls, and it's a cavalcade of cuteness, filled with paper boats and cities built from the pages of books.

"We wanted it to be a little fantastical, like sailing along under a paper moon, and show that it could be fun to transform ordinary materials into extraordinary things," explains Kayte. "I also loved the idea that the song could be a catchy little ditty for both kids and adults. It reminded me of Free to Be You and Me, a record album I grew up with that definitely shaped who I am today!"

Jonatha's song also inspired Kayte to create something she had never done before: a stop-motion video featuring her papercrafts. Click here to read the interview we did with Kayte Terry a couple years ago.

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