De-Stress in No Time with Loom Knitting (VIDEO)

Posted by on Nov 04, 2015

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Life can be stressful at times, so we seek to manage our stress and busy our minds with something other than reality. Finding productive and creative ways to de-stress is important to our entire well-being, and we're here to help you find the right outlet for your frustrations. Since it's National Stress Awareness Day, become aware of ways to relax and engage your creativity with loom knitting. If you don't want to knit with needle but still wish to make your own creations, then loom knitting is the perfect solution to crafting and relaxing. The following videos will highlight the basics of loom knitting and show you a few easy DIY projects to de-stress with.

Introduction to the Different Styles of Loom Knitting

No need to fear, loom knitting help is here! For some general tips and tidbits, check out this loom-knitting video from The Crochet Crowd's YouTube channel. Have a better understanding of loom knitting in just eight and a half minutes flat. Featuring 4 ways to loom knit, this tutorial shows you how to choose the right loom-knitting style for your crafting pursuits.

Basic Loom Knitting Stitches

With instruction from YouTube channel EasyMeWorld, you can learn the different types of loom-knitting stitches and how to cast off via this video. While learning about the stitches and playing around with the yarn, you'll have a completed dish cloth before the end of the video. Crafty and educational, eh?

Loom Knit a Hat

Test your knowledge of the basics with an easy-to-follow hat tutorial. Learn how to choose the right loom and the right size for a cute and cozy hat with a folded brim. shows you how to personalize this hat by changing the colors and explains how to close the hat with a large-gauge loom. For more information, check out this video on YouTube or follow the picture tutorial on the website.

Loom Knit a Scarf

To match your newly-knitted hat, make up a loom-knit scarf via this video from Crafting with Claudie's YouTube channel. In under seven minutes, learn how to create a scarf with only an 8-peg rectangular loom and a pick-style tool. You have six minutes to loom knitting stardom.

Loom Knit Baby Booties

Who knew that you could even knit baby booties with a loom? Make your own pair with this quick video tutorial from Caring Caps's YouTube channel. Using a purl stitch, knit these tiny booties with a round loom. Also, add a little bow for an extra dash of sweetness. Loom knitting made easy and adorable.

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