Make It or Buy It? High Waist A-Line Skirt

Posted by on Sep 05, 2016

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Item of ClothingValfre Light Blue Cotton Shelly High Waist Skirt

Based on: A-line skirt 

Assessment: This denim mini skirt would be very simple to make. All you need is an a-line skirt pattern with a front opening.

Skill to know: Set-in Snaps. Set-in snaps aren’t very difficult to do if you buy the correct snap setting tool. If you’re just planning on setting snaps on an occasional basis then the Dritz Plier Style Snap Tool is the way to go. If you think you might start a little snap setting manufacturing extravaganza then an Industrial Snap Press is the way to go.

A complete snap has four parts, the socket, the ball, and two spikey rings. A decorative snap like the ones used on this skirt would have one solid back piece instead of a spikey ring. The spikes penetrate your fabric then are bent into the groove on the other snap part by the force of pressing the tool closed around them. If you’re using really light weight fabric, its best to add some interfacing or something in between to thicken things as the prongs may not penetrate evening and your snap will look wonky. 

Mark the center of each snap on both the wrong and right side of your fabric. The Dritz pliers have a round metal holder on one side and a yellow plastic wheel with both a holder and a metal punch on the other side. The metal punch is for eyelets so in this instance, make sure the plastic holder is opposite the metal holder. Then, slide the rubber rings that should have come with your pliers onto the holders. 

Take the spikey ring with prongs pointing out and insert it into the metal holder. Then take the ball part of the snap and insert it ball facing downward into the plastic holder. This part of the snap should go on the under lap of your skirt front. The ball part should end up on the ‘top’ of the under lap to be inserted into the socket part of the snap. Once you are sure you know which way the ball part needs to be inserted, slide the fabric between the snap tool, find your center mark and press together as hard as you can. Repeat this process with your flat piece and the snap socket. 

It's a good idea to do a couple practice snap installations on some fabric scraps just to make sure you are pressing hard enough and have a good handle on the direction the pieces need to inserted into the holders. Practice, as always, helps to make perfect.


Patch Pockets: For the cute shell pockets, look for shell patches, or patches of something else you can then machine edge stitch into place. 

Decision: It should only take 2-3 hours to make this skirt depending on your set in snap proficiency. It’s probably more worthwhile to make than buy unless you have a particular fondness for the shell pockets on the original skirt. You would only need a yard of fabric at the most.

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