Red Heart Yarn Style, New and Old

Posted by on Sep 16, 2016

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Red Heart Yarn has a new version of its logo to celebrate the company's 80th year. The updated design has softer edges and cleaner lines for a contemporary style. To celebrate 80 years of a classic look, we tracked down a handful of vintage Red Heart pattern books to take a quick stitch down memory lane. When you're done, pop over to Red Heart Yarn's redesigned site to see how much things have changed.

1950s Red Heart pattern book
Get a load of that rabble-rousing bobbysoxer in the 1950s classic "Everyone Wears Sweaters."
world war 2 pattern book
Who can forget the classic "Knit for Defense" movement that helped us win World War II?
1950s Red Heart Yarn pattern book
A toasty 1950s nuclear family.
Red Heart Yarn pattern book
Does that baby have '80s or '90s hair?
1970s Red Heart sweater pattern book
A groovy throwback.
Early '60s Camelot style had plenty of buttons
red heart yarn pattern book 1940s
That 1940s baby is pretty excited by the idea of a Red Heart Wooly.

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