Make it or Buy It? 5 Fun Pet Accessories

Posted by on Oct 08, 2020

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When your furry friend is really a member of your family, you tend to spoil her or him like a child — always buying a new toy or accessory. But does it make sense to regularly dole out the dollars on impulse purchases? 

If you want to make a rubber chew toy in the shape of a cell phone, it will probably be tough to fabricate one home. On the other hand, refashioning a thrift store belt into a dog or cat collar can be a relatively simple project and quite stylish. Here are five pet products you can buy or make. You decide whch makes the most sense.


Many pet owners have started calming anxious pets with a little CBD oil. 

Make It: To cook up a batch you’ll need a cannabis plant (which may or may not be legal where you live), ethanol and possibly a water distiller. Henry Vincenty explains the steps for CBD oil in the above video. If you’re a pet parent of a pooch with abandonment issues you can also make CBD Oil dog treats for him or her to gnaw on. 

Buy It: The oil made by CBDFx pet products comes in three different concentrations, adjusted to the size and weight of your pet.

Chew Toy

Most pups love a good gnaw.

Make It:  Many different materials can be used to make a chew toy for them: wool, paracord, thick fabric. Will these handmade molar exercisers last as long as a rubber toy? Probably not, but if you have a stash of materials you need to get through, making pet projects can be a fun way to use it up. The above video has five different project ideas.

Buy It: Kong makes rubber chew toys or dogs and cats and even have ones for older and younger pets. Not sure which to get? There’s always Classic Kong.

Scratching Post

For many of our long nailed friends, furniture destruction doesn’t end with the fangs. Most scratching posts look like they can be made at home, so why not give it a try? 

Make It: In the above video, Vicki and Steph use a PVC pipe, rope and wood scraps to make a scratching post that rivals many you’ll find in a store. Of course if you don’t feel like breaking out the hot glue gun, a scratching post probably won’t break the bank, either. 

Buy It: The SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post will stay strong against the toughest of claws.

Dog Shampoo

Sooner or later every dog needs suds.

Make It: If you’re a little disconcerted to hear you can make dog shampoo using dish liquid, you’re not the only one. But, yes, it’s true. Combine Dawn soap or another skin safe dish liquid with a little white vinegar and coconut oil and you can put together a shampoo to keep fido shining. 

Buy It: Still not sure about slathering dish soap on your best friend? Fieldworks Moosh Dog Shampoo uses 100% organic, all-natural, and hypoallergenic ingredients. It is free from harsh chemicals, preservatives, and sulfates.

Pet Collar

For many cats and dogs, a collar is that one accessory that really brings out their personality. Or maybe it’s just the owner’s personality, but it is a chance to have some fun and make your furry friend stand out. 

Make It: In the above video, the Sorry Girls from show how to turn a a thrift store belt into a collar or leash. Now that new collar is more than an impulse purchase. It’s a fun day out! 

Buy ItYOUYIXUN Personalized Dog Collar is a leather dog collar engraved with name and phone number.

Bonus Craft: Use a rope to make a leash in this video from Living to DIY with Rachel Metz.

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    Cute photos and videos, thanks for the guide! Choosing between making or buying pet accessories can be a fun decision for pet owners. Whether you're crafting something unique or looking for ready-made options, it's good to know that you can rely on Chewy customer service if you need any assistance or have questions. They can provide guidance and recommendations to ensure your pets have the best accessories, making both you and your furry friends happy.

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    I have two dogs, so these tips may be useful to me. Thank you! I just need to find a time and try to do something:)