Making Lights: DIY Lantern Crafts to Light Up Your Space

Posted by on Aug 15, 2013

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It is almost fall and that means that the days are getting noticeably shorter again, with the sun going down sooner and sooner each day. But fear not! These DIY lantern crafts are the perfect way to light up your space and bring extra cheer to any room. Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder with craftiness and lots of light!  

Paper Lantern Craft -- Air Balloon
Lighter than Air Balloon Paper Lantern Craft

Making lights for any room can often seem like a checklist, but this air balloon lantern craft will lift you out of the clouds of indecision and light up your darkness. This lantern is fairly simple and the impact is truly transformative. The rope basket adds texture and a sense of realism, and the tailored inside cloth contributes a vibrant pop of color.
To see a step-by-step tutorial visit Bored and Crafty

Making Lights: Jellyfish Lantern Craft

Jellyfish Lantern Craft

If you're afraid of heights, perhaps this jelly fish lantern craft would be more on your level. This ethereal lantern is made with just an Ikea lantern, tissue paper, scissors and glue! So simple, and yet beautiful enough that it could serve as an infant's mobile or as the focal point to an under-the-sea themed room.
Make it using the instructions on Paper & Ink

Coffee Filter Lantern Craft

Ruffled Coffee Filter Pendant Lamp

This beautiful lantern craft fits in any room, with or without a theme. The materials are inexpensive and the result is incredibly elegant: the crafting sweet spot. But if hundreds upon hundreds of coffee filters is intimidating, the lovely lamp can be purchased at the Zipper 8 Lighting Etsy shop.
3 R's Blog shows you how to make the ruffled coffee filter pendant lamp

DIY Dreamy Cloud Lantern Craft

Dreamy Cloud Lanterns

In the dreariness of winter it is hard to get outside and stare at the clouds, so bring the clouds inside with these DIY cloud lanterns. Gaze at the cumulous creations while staying dry and warm. These glowing puff balls make any room a dreamy realm of wonder.
Visit Craft Pond to see how it's made

Butterfly Mobile Lantern Craft

Butterfly Away with Me

This DIY lantern craft is another gorgeous luminary that could also serve as an infant's mobile. A group of butterflies is called a rabble or swam, so this lime lantern hosts a rabble of paper butterflies that will lighten up any room and any mood.
Mint & Clandy Create expound upon the assembly of this lovely lamp

Sporty DIY lantern craft

Ballin' DIY Paper Lantern Crafts

If the man cave is super shady, this lovely grouping of four different DIY paper lantern crafts is a perfect solution. After all, it is nearly impossible to play foosball or pool in the dark. And little leaguers or basketball champs in training sometimes need a nightlight as well.
This sporty idea comes from Loving Owen

Pom Pom and Flower Paper Lantern Crafts

Flower and Pom Pom Paper Lanterns

Cheer up any dark space with a pom pom or flower paper lantern. They go well as a set, too, with the simplicity of the pom pom rows complementing the eye-catching array of the flowered lantern.
Crafty Nest has the tutorials

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle paper lantern Craft

Teenage Mutant Ninja Light Up Turtle

TMNJ to the rescue from that dark and lonely corner. Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo or Donatello on call to light up the room after only a few minutes of gluing! And the colors are so common most crafters probably already have them on hand.
Find out more from One Creative Housewife

Owl Glow Paper Lantern Craft

Owl Light Up Your Life

This adorable little DIY lantern craft is another project that takes less than an hour to assemble and adds a warm aviary glow to wherever you hang it.
The details for this luminary are available at Spoonful

Ice cream Paper Lantern Craft

I Scream for Ice Cream Paper Lantern Craft

The Ice Cream Paper lantern craft is sweet and cool. It can light up the room of the little one who has an obsession with icy creamy goodness or grace the kitchen as a reminder that summer will return, it is always only a few seasons away.
One Charming Party can teach you how to make this paper lantern craft

Photo Credits (from top): Bored and Crafty, Paper and Ink, 3 R's Blog, Craft Pond, Mint & Clandy Create, Loving Owen, Crafty Nest, One Creative Housewife, Spoonful, One Charming Party

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