Making Lights — Mini Fabric Lanterns

Posted by on Jun 22, 2012

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Making lights from household items is not only a great way to make your bedroom sparkle, but it's also the perfect time to clear out your craft supplies bin. With some simple items like plastic cups, Mod Podge and fabric scraps, you can turn regular Christmas lights into this Anthropologie-esque string of mini lanterns. Drape your handmade lights over the headboard, run them down the banister or string them across the patio for fun, summery home decor. A string of 35 mini lights should do the trick, or you could double up and use a 100-pack of lights if you use the method detailed in the sparkleball tutorial. Need some more ideas for making lights? For a creative complement to these fabric-covered mini lanterns, check out the IKEA-inspired paint chip light fixture to set a Pantone-inspired ambience
Get the how-to for making lights covered in bohemian chic fabric at Honest to Nod in a guest post from Taylor Made.

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