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Posted by on Mar 24, 2013

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Have you noticed any changes around the CraftFoxes site? We've added a new look to the home page that's designed with you in mind! It's now easier than ever to browse craft ideas, find members with similar interests and share your own creative projects. Let's take a look around!

Find Crafts by Category
At the top of the home page, you'll be able to browse crafts by category. We've put some of your favorite crafts front and center, but you can find all of our craft categories just to the right of the site header, under "More Crafts."

- Knitting & crochet
- Sewing & needlework
- Holidays & weddings
- Cards & paper
CraftFoxes blog
Read the Blog or Ask a Question
At the top left of the CraftFoxes header, you can click to read the CraftFoxes blog. There, you'll find links to our favorite free projects, craft news, featured CraftFoxes users and tips from inspiring creators! If you have a craft-related question, you can participate in the forum or pop over to the CraftFoxes Facebook page and we'll put it out to our readers and see if we can find an answer to your question.
Projects at CraftFoxes
Find the Latest Crafts
Find ideas for crafting projects when you browse the pool of how-tos, projects and galleries at CraftFoxes. You'll find the most recent additions across all craft categories when you move your cursor over "Projects" in the sidebar.
Upload your crafts at CraftFoxes
Share Your Crafts
It's so easy to upload a project at CraftFoxes! Just move your cursor over the "Upload" button in the CraftFoxes header, and select one of three options:

- Upload a Project: Share a photo of your craft and a short description for other users to see!
- Upload a How-To: Teach others how to make your craft by sharing the tutorial with step-by-step instructions.
- Upload a Gallery: Do you have pictures of several related crafts? Upload them as a gallery for the CraftFoxes community to see!
CraftFoxes home page
Scroll for Ideas
If you're a visual person, simply scroll down to the bottom of the CraftFoxes home page, and you'll see an interactive menu with the very latest blog posts, fellow Foxes who recently signed in, how-tos and user projects!
CraftFoxes social buttons
Connect on Social Media
Find CraftFoxes on social media or contact us via e-mail. You'll find all the links at the bottom of the site!
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Pinterest
- Google+

We hope you enjoy the new look of CraftFoxes! There are many more features if you look around the site, so we invite you to create an account if you haven't already and explore. Why not invite your friends?

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