New Scrapbook Trends — 10 Styles to Watch

Posted by on Apr 14, 2011

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Looking for zesty new scrapbook designs? Throw out that overused pair of deco scissors and get with the times! Current scrapbook trends are going beyond the basic borders. Trendy embellishments like acrylic mustache shapes or cut-up doilies are hip alternatives to your basic square frame. From DIY to wildly popular buys, these scrapbook trends are sure to sate your thirst for what’s going on in the scrapbook world.

scrapbooking repetition trend
Simple Repetition
Difficulty Level: Easy 

You’re so beautiful we want to clone you. Have your friends doing double takes by repeating photos that are the same or oh-so-slightly different for emphasis. Repetition on a scrapbook layout is simple and artistic and is also an option for subjects that may be lacking photo coverage. Layer the photos and use borders or illustrations for framing to make for a show-stopping look best used opposite busier layouts.
Queen Anne’s Lace Stamp
Queen Anne’s Lace Stamp
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Floral designs add an earthy element to scrapbook layouts. Add them as a single embellishment, or cover your scrapbook paper (and skin) for a delicate floral pattern that is feminine and artsy. 
Printable Illustrated Embellishments
Printable Illustrated Embellishments
Difficulty Level: Easy

Running out of storage space? Instead of the traditional yet bulky rubber stamp, buy and print illustrations online. Illustrations add a handmade feel to scrapbook layouts, and for the size, printables cost less than a large rubber stamp. This style works best in contrast to handmade layouts.
Buy printable illustrated embellishments for scrapbooking!
Laser Cut Acrylic Embellishments
Laser-Cut Acrylic Embellishments
Difficulty Level: Easy

Lady Gaga’s wardrobe doesn’t have anything on your scrapbook designs. Step up the production value with these machine-crafted geometric embellishments. When working with clear acrylic remember to use clear drying liquid adhesive like Glossy Accents. Use this style for edgy layouts. 
Family Quilt scrapbook
Family Quilt
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Showing off your family doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead of pouring over a hundred options for a decent family photo, start a collection of amazing individual photos. With a quilt-style scrapbook layout you can still show your family familiarity without actually scheduling everybody to be in the same place at once. Pick the best shots of the year from each family member, crop them into squares, and print as black and white photos for a fun layout. 
Get free instructions for the family quilt scrapbook at Life as Lou!
Paper Flag Banners scrapbook
Paper Flag Banners
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Whimsical and uber-trendy, paper flag banners are hip in interior design and scrapbooking. It’s like a party for your pages! 
Get free instructions for the paper flag scrapbook banner at eHow and Lorajeans Magazine!
Faux Lace Doily scrapbook
Faux Lace Doily
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Revamp your concept of lace doilies. Yes, theoretically, doilies are to be starched, placed on the coffee table and left alone for fifty years. However, times do change and your scrapbook craves a style upgrade. But before you go running off to hatchet your hope chest, make paper alternatives for scrapbooks, totally flat and acid free! This style is versatile and can be added to any layout. 
Get free instructions for faux lace scrapbook doilies at eHow!
Mini Scrapbooks
Mini Scrapbooks
Difficulty Level: Easy to Intermediate 

Allow yourself the creative freedom to change theme, size and binding with every project. Mini scrapbooks are trendy and versatile, make great gifts and are easy to tote around to share. Think outside the 12”x12” box and challenge yourself to make a different style mini scrapbook every month!
Get free instructions for a mini scrapbook at The Nostalgic Scrapper!
Handmade Ink Blotting scrapbook
Handmade Ink Blotting
Difficulty Level: Easy 

The next time someone compliments your pattern, you can tell them it’s handmade ... by you! Whether traditional black and white or vibrant multi-color, make your own ink blots on your favorite solid color scrapbook paper. Research inks before you use them to make sure they are acid free and once you find the ink you like, brush, drip and leak to your heart’s content! You can make a big batch of ink blot scrapbook paper or make them individually to suit your current needs. This style is artsy and traditional; use for serious layouts. 
Check out handmade ink blotting at In A Scrap of Paper!
Visually Textured Alphabet Sticker scrapbooking
Visually Textured Alphabet Stickers
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Skip the finger-numbing, ransom-note method of cutting out your own letters and check out these visually-rich alphabet stickers. Although chic, vintage paper can be too brittle or photo-unsafe to use for your scrapbook, but these trendy stickers give the same antique feeling without all the work. This scrapbook style works with any multi-layered layout.

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