Fun in the Sun! Outdoor Crafts for Summer

Posted by on Jun 17, 2015

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Warm weather and clear skies gets us itching to abandon our crafting dungeons rooms for the great outdoors. Can you blame us? Whether it's cabin fever, Vitamin D deficiency, or paint fumes that brings you out of your studio, you'll love making one of these DIY outdoor crafts that are perfect for summer.

DIY Mason Jar Crafts, DIY Outdoor Summer Crafts, Mason Jar Repurpose, DIY Outdoor Lantern, DIY Mason Jar Hanging Vase
Jessica - Mom4Real
Mason Jar Vase + Lantern + Organizer
Hybrid crafts, like this DIY mason jar vase/lantern, always grab our attention. After all, what's the use of repurposing items if afterwards they only serve a single, exclusive function? While pictured as a mounted vase, this jar becomes an outdoor lantern when you replace the tulips for a candle, and an organizer when it lacks both flame and flowers. I believe that's what we call a win-win-win.

DIY Outdoor Chair Cushion, DIY Reversible Chair Cushion, Outdoor Summer Crafts
Ashley - Make it-Love it
DIY Reversible Lawn Chair Seat Covers
By using a weather-resistant fabric, this savvy crafter created double-sided seat covers for outdoor chairs on her backyard patio. As we've always heard, twice the upholstery options, twice the fun.

DIY Sun Print Napkins, Handprinted Fabric DIY, Outdoor Summer Crafts, Sun Printing How To
DIY Sun-Printed Napkins
Take advantage of the next sunny day and give those old cloth napkins of yours a fresh, new look. These nature-themed sun-printed napkins feature the imprint of various flowers, herbs and greenery.

Sun Print Pencil Pouch, DIY Pencil Pouch, Outdoor Summer Crafts, DIY Sun Printed Fabric, Sun Printing
DIY Sun-Printed Safety Pin Pencil Case
Wait, wait — there's more! Another blogger used the same specially treated and photo-sensitive fabric to create the imprint of a handful of tiny safety pins on her handmade sun-printed pencil case. When sun-printing, the only true limitation is your imagination ... and, you know, the hours of sunlight.

DIY Beverage Station, DIY Outdoor Summer Crafts, DIY Party Decor Projects
Kristyn - Lil' Luna
DIY Beverage Station
Every seasoned cookout hostess will attest to the value of a designated drink station — and this DIY beverage stand is perfect for your next backyard bash.

DIY Lawn Games, Homemade Cornhole Game, DIY Cornhole Board, DIY Summer Crafts, Outdoor DIY Projects
DIY Cornhole Board
This popular lawn game is perfect for partygoers of all ages and experience levels. But more importantly, when you bring over this DIY Cornhole board, you'll be the belle of the barbecue.

Not that into Cornhole? Need more lawn game ideas? Well, check out this round up of 8 super fun lawn games you can build yourself as well as these 5 DIY outdoor games that are great for kids.

DIY Outdoor Summer Crafts, Painted Rocks, DIY Garden Projects, DIY Ladybug Garden Accessories
Painted Animal-Themed Garden Stones
How cool are these?! Just think — you could adorn your backyard with a veritable zoo of DIY, hand-painted animal stones for your garden. We've seen an owl, cat, frog on a lily pad, and even an adorable fawn ... what can you paint?

DIY Painted Potters, DIY Planters, DIY Outdoor Summer Crafts, Drip Paint Clay Pots
DIY Drip Paint Clay Pot
Kids love making drippy, colorful messes that stain — which is precisely why this outdoor craft for DIY drip painted clay pots is perfect for getting your little ones to participate! Just remember: use non-toxic paints if you won't be able to carefully supervise your youngsters.

DIY Bird Feeder, DIY Bird Bath, Outdoor Craft Projects, DIY Summer Crafts
DIY Hanging Bird Bath and Feeder
While bird houses have their own quaint charm, we admire how this blogger created a DIY bird bath and feeder that fits in with the avian aesthetic of a twig nest. More than that, though, this outdoor project only needs a simple wreath, a lightweight bowl, some twine for hanging, and a handful of stones — it doesn't get much simpler than that!

Tie-Dye Sneakers with Shaving Cream
No, the shaving cream does not dye the sneakers on its own. But by applying shaving cream that is lightly mixed with dye, you can easily achieve a muted and marbled look. Check out the handy video above to learn how to tie-dye your shoes using shaving cream!

DIY Decorated Potter, DIY Painted Clay Pot, Clay Pot Vintage Patina, DIY Outdoor Summer Crafts
Flower Pot with Vintage Patina and Stenciled Doily
The red clay look on potted plants can be awfully drab, so we're glad this blogger realized she could use specialty paper and stencils to turn standard pots into beautiful flower pots with vintage patinas and intricate designs! No complaints on the bold copper stencil cream, either. This goes on the top of our To Make list!

DIY Tie Dye, DIY Ice Tie Dye, Ice Dye T Shirts, DIY Pillowcase, Outdoor Summer Crafts
Allie Parker
DIY Ice Dyed Pillow Cases
Tie dying is getting cooler these days ... a lot cooler. The process of ice dying creates a beautiful ombre effect. To make these DIY ice dyed pillow cases, you begin by covering the fabric in ice and then slowly pour the concentrated dye onto the ice mound. As the ice melts, the dye will stain the fabric's fibers with a unique color gradient.

Watch the time lapsed video below to see just how ice dying works!


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